Dem Busted Lying

PUBLISHED: 6:31 PM 11 Oct 2018

Project Veritas Busts Dem Staff Members Saying Candidate Lied To Trick Voters

The video shows an almost universal disdain for republican voters, and staff members say that they are too ignorant to know Bredesen is lying.

Democrats snicker as they describe Bedesen's deception on Tennessee voters

Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Phil Bredesen, running in deep red Tennessee, told the Nashville Tennessean last week that if he had been in the Senate, he would have bucked Democrat leadership and voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Shocking video released yesterday by Project Veritas offered proof that Bredesen was deliberately deceiving Tennessee voters in an attempt to distance himself from the radical left that has taken over his party, and appear as more “moderate.”

The undercover video caught staffers saying they believed Tennessee voters were “ignorant,” and that their candidate would definitely lose if it became known that the former Governor and Mayor was a “good Democrat,” who would march in lockstep with liberals like New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

Bredesen staffers laughingly described how the Democrat was saying whatever he felt was necessary to get elected, and described the candidate as “hating Trump.”

Bredesen is running against Trump backed Marsha Blackburn, the Deputy Whip for House Republicans.

Blackburn had said she thought the Kavanaugh accusers should be heard, but his confirmation vote should not be delayed, and characterized the judge as “eminently qualified.” After expressing her belief that the nominee would be confirmed, she pulled well ahead of Bredesen in polling, leading by eight points in a state that overwhelmingly supported President Trump.

Trump carried the “Volunteer State” by 26 points.

Perhaps Bredesen’s political shrewdness allowed him to grasp how disastrous the optics of the grotesque protests, and bizarre attacks on Judge Kavanaugh would be viewed by Americans?

The debacle fired up Republicans, and virtually overnight polls showed the “enthusiasm gap” Democrats had been touting as proof of a coming “blue wave,” disappeared.

Rasmussen’s analysis concluded that, “Republicans are madder about the Kavanaugh controversy than Democrats are and more determined to vote in the upcoming elections because of it.” Their polling results indicated that 62 percent of Republicans were more likely to vote in the mid-terms, and 64 percent were “very angry,” after watching the Democrats attack Kavanaugh.

Walkaway movement founder, Brandon Straka, told the Daily Caller that he’s had hundreds of people reach out to him after the Kavanaugh hearings, telling him they would be switching their vote to Republican after witnessing the coordinated smear campaign the Democrats unleashed on the judge.

Bredesen told the Tennessean he supported Judge Kavanaugh, in what appears to be an attempt to position himself as a moderate who could work with Republicans. With the video release yesterday, that image seems to have been shattered.

Bredesen staffers smirked as they confessed the deception was for the mythical “blue wave” the left threatened might come in the mid-terms. Bredesen seems to have thought Tennessee voters, being ignorant, could easily be fooled into pulling the lever for a leftist who hates President Trump and wants to derail the agenda to make America great again.

His staff lamented Marsha Blackburn’s campaign tying him to New York liberal Chuck Schumer, and it appears that in a “political move” to make the candidate more palatable to conservative and patriotic Tennesseans, Bredesen decided the best course would be to lie to the people he aspires to represent and serve.

Displaying leftist hypocrisy at its finest, the candidate rushed to tell voters he would have supported the President’s nominee, but in private, when they believed they were talking with a true progressive believer, his staff assured Project Veritas operatives it was all a lie.

Tennessee voters were left to figure out when, if ever, the candidate was telling the truth.

Was it a lie when he said he would have supported Kavanaugh?

Was it a lie when his staff was assuring a presumed Democrat that he would not have confirmed the judge?

Bredesen was already under scrutiny for his Democrat affiliation. Last July, Mark Brown, a top communications official for the Tennessee Democrat Party working to get Bredesen elected, tweeted out, “f*ck “reaching out” to Trump voters. The idiots aren’t listening.”

Many conservatives recognize that Phil Bredesen is listening, as he has decided to lie to Tennessee voters in a desperate bid to win their votes.

Phil Bredesen’s dishonesty has been exposed for all Tennesseans and the Tennessee Democrat Party has made clear its contempt for Tennessee voters.

Will Tennesseans take notice of this shameful behavior next month?