School Unveils New Liberal Policy For Valentine's Day

PUBLISHED: 11:29 PM 13 Feb 2018

Progressive School Unveils New Plan To Make Valentine’s Day More Inclusive

School district caters to liberal pressure over Valentine's Day celebrations.

School district banning Valentine's Day.

The Bethel School District has unveiled new progressive policies that will dramatically alter the way students are allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and parents are irate over it.

The school district in Eugene, Oregon, sent all students home with a flier threatening to ban all holiday gatherings at the school in the district if parents don’t offer a more inclusive way to celebrate Valentines Day.

When parents told local news outlet KEZI that they heard Valentine’s Day was banned, they were rightfully irate that liberal policies are now corrupting how we celebrate a holiday.

The district’s director of equity — which is absolutely pathetic that they even have one of these — said the district is adjusting the way holidays are celebrated in schools so all students can feel included.

Their genius plan is to replace Valentine’s Day for what they are calling a “buddy day.”

Director Tina Gutierez-Schmich said she fears some students feel left out from Valentine’s Day, so they want to ensure everyone can enjoy the holiday.

“It may be financial, it may be religious, it may be personal beliefs that don’t align. And I think it’s our responsibility as a public school district to be very thoughtful about what we’re planning in our schools,” said Gutierez-Schmich.

These liberals apparently didn’t even consider teaching students to act like adults or learning real life lessons that everyone doesn’t get a “participation trophy.”

Parents told KEZI that they couldn’t fathom why the school district was catering to liberal pressure and banning all holidays because someone may get their feelings hurt.

How is taking away a celebratory event from everyone justified because a few may not feel included?

Many would agree a more effective strategy would be to encourage students to socialize more and speak with others in their classes. Instead, the liberal district is banning all celebrations and taking it away from everyone.

This is just another example of how awful things can get with liberals in charge.

Source: KEZI 9