Literal Land War Begins!

PUBLISHED: 2:50 PM 10 Jun 2020

Progressive City Occupied! Media Silence As Councilwoman Helps Anarchists Seize City Hall

Why is there barely any media coverage of this literal land war in America?

This is now an occupied territory. (Source: Elijah Schaffer Twitter Screenshot)

In the democrat-controlled, progressive city of Seattle a literal land war has begun, aided and helped by one of the city’s officials.

Black Lives Matter agitators and antifa militants have taken control of over six city blocks, including a police precinct that has been labeled “captured regime,” and the city hall.

Video footage captured member of the Seattle City Council, Kshama Sawant assisting violent anarchists take control of city hall.

Breitbart News reported:

Kshama Sawant, a sitting member of the Seattle City Council, could be seen in pictures and videos which showed hundreds of protesters filing into city hall after Sawant allegedly let them in.

Once inside, the Protesters began chanting “Durkan must go,” a reference to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan whom the protesters believe allowed the police to use aggressive tactics against demonstrators, such as tear gas and other crowd dispersal techniques.

Seattle City Councilmember
Kshama Sawant leads march to City Hall.

— Percy Allen (@percyallen) June 10, 2020

As Breitbart’s Penny Starr reported on Tuesday: “Protesters who are part of a wave of unrest across the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police on Monday took over city blocks in Seattle, set up barricades, and some have implied on social media that they will use armed guards to secure their occupation.

“The people hunkered down in Seattle have dubbed it Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone with a tag line to ‘free Capitol Hill,’ according to Twitter posts and a Capitol Hill Seattle Blog website, which detailed the development.”

Durkan was specifically targeted in a lawsuit filed earlier on Tuesday, by those seeking to punish city officials for what they believe have been aggressive police tactics. Last week, several leftist leaders in Seattle called for Durkan’s resignation after she declined to guarantee that the police would not use tear gas.

Breitbart News reported when the city began falling to these militants last night:

Seattle @MayorJenny is allowing a dangerous situation to fester. #Antifa militants have taken over & created an “autonomous zone” in city w/their own rules. Police precinct abandoned. Antifa set up barricades to create a border. Calling for volunteers to provide armed guard.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 9, 2020

The people hunkered down in Seattle have dubbed it Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone with a tag line to “free Capitol Hill,” according to Twitter posts and a Capitol Hill Seattle Blog website, which detailed the development:

The first night in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that has formed in the wake of police giving up the week-long blockade of the East Precinct was rainy and peaceful and full of speeches from activists, agitators, poets, and socialist city council members.

The night brought tense moments but compared to the previous week of blast balls and clouds of gas and pepper spray, Pike/Pine was calm if not quiet — the county sheriff’s helicopter stayed circling overhead until midnight providing observations to SPD command on the ground and often drowning out speeches below. The only major reported conflict came when a TV news crew for the local Fox affiliate was temporarily chased from the scene and took up refuge in the nearby fire station.

The surprise pullback of SPD riot police and National Guard troops came together quickly Monday afternoon after a day of hastily clearing out equipment, moving trucks, and reports of a “mobile shredding unit” at the building at 12th and Pine that is home to the East Precinct headquarters as well as department office facilities.

Certain folks are asking why the CHAZ hasn’t been established around a port, air or sea. There’s the obvious answer, that this is an organic upswell of the community, not some protracted people’s war, and so there isn’t a lot of campaign strategy going on. 2/?

— Alex Humva #TheEntireDamnBillofRights #BLM (@humvadev) June 9, 2020

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is being criticized for her response to the protests.

“What we are seeing now is an uprising. A rebellion of young people. Not just nationwide but globally,” District 3 representative and longtime Durkan critic Kshama Sawant said at the site of the protest:

Two years ago, there was a police contract up for the vote. It was a bad contract. It was a racist contract. It was going to roll back the limited accountability measures that were hard fought for by community members. And the community spoke with one voice and pleaded — pleaded — with Mayor Durkan and the City Council, ‘Please vote no.’ What do you think happened?

Sawant said in the blog report:

I was the only ‘no’ vote on that contract. We have to remember that what built the movement is not people who are in power that may look like you or me. But it is people who have shown to through their actions that they are in solidarity with ordinary people in marginalized communities.

“Citywide representative Teresa Mosqueda, who attended Saturday night’s demonstration on Capitol Hill with other elected officials, joined Sawant in this call Monday, saying that Durkan should “ask herself if she’s the right leader and resign,” the blog reported.

Mosqueda said that the council will be examining funding for the Seattle Police Department.

Meanwhile, Conservative Treehouse author Sundance explained the occupation this way:

It is really quite stunning how the U.S. media have avoided reporting on a group of activists in Seattle who have taken over part of the city surrounding the abandoned East precinct police station.  No-one is being allowed inside what they are calling a “Free Capitol Hill Zone” or “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

The activists have barricaded the streets and will not let any journalists or city officials inside their declared zone of control.  The region expands across six blocks as outlined by the occupying groups.  Information on the encampment AVAILABLE HERE:

According to the area activists the East precinct of the police station is called the “captured regime” (above blue). Journalist Julio Rosas tweeted photos from the ‘Zone,’ including flyers demanding that Seattle PD be defunded, and declaring that police “will always be racist because capitalism requires inequality.”

Independent journalist Andy Ngo has a great deal of familiarity with the groups assembled in the occupying effort.  He describes the group in control of the area as “Antifa,” and cited tweets to suggest there were armed guards guarding entry among the occupy protestors.

SEATTLE – City authorities may be expecting the activists to disperse, but the barricades and the content of their social media suggest they intend to stay. Local businesses and residents have “agreed to disaffiliate from Seattle basically,” in the words of one activist, who called it a “flux state in the making” – a reference to an anarchist commune from the fiction series Shadowrun. (RT link)

You would think the militant occupation of a major American city by a group of Antifa activists would lead to a great deal of news media coverage.  However, it appears the media zeal to cover, excuse and justify the conduct of their radical Antifa allies has led to a complete black-out of coverage.

When antifa can’t achieve a full revolution, they take over a small area in leftist cities to carry out their utopian commune experiment. It ends in neighborhoods being destroyed & occupiers forcibly dispersed because of health hazards. They leave the filth behind for others.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 9, 2020

In 2018, @tedwheeler allowed a similar #antifa zone in Portland to go on for five weeks. Not only did it become a biohazard site w/intravenous drug abuse, the local businesses & residents were terrorized. Tax payers had to pay for the extensive cleanup.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 9, 2020

We need more people with guns at the CHAZ

— Seattle Antifa (@RainCity161) June 10, 2020