Pro-Life Activists Arrested

PUBLISHED: 10:11 PM 27 Jul 2018

Pro-Life Priests & Activists Taken Into Custody For Praying Inside DC Abortion Clinic

One doctor there has a history of botched operations and has had his National Abortion Federation membership revoked.

Several priests and pro-life activists were reportedly arrested earlier this week for reportedly praying inside of Capital Women’s Services, which is an abortion clinic in Washington DC (pictured above).

Just recently, at least two priests and pro-life activists were reportedly arrested for allegedly doing nothing more than praying inside of an abortion clinic in Washington DC.

According to reports, one of the employees at the facility they chose is considered by some pro-life activists to be “the worst abortionist in America” due to the fact that the doctor purportedly has a history of botched operations and has supposedly had his membership with the National Abortion Federation (NAF), which is a professional organization of abortion providers, revoked.

Specifically, Father Dave Nix, Father Fidelis Moscinski, Will Goodman, and a woman identified only as “Baby Jane Doe,” were all allegedly placed in handcuffs and forcibly removed from Capital Women’s Services one by one after they reportedly refused to stop praying inside the clinic or cooperate with police for a total of about two hours.  

As Nix, Moscinski, Goodman, and the woman were all subsequently removed from the premises, multiple other pro-life individuals stood outside in the rain and continued praying.

Apparently, they were at the women’s health clinic conducting a “Red Rose Rescue,” which reportedly involves pro-life activists peacefully entering a death clinic, distributing red roses symbolizing life to pregnant women who are thinking about killing their helpless child who’s still in their womb, and quietly speaking with and praying for them.

The activists scheduled the rescue on the same day as the sentencing of two different pro-life individuals who were taken into custody back in December 2017, while protesting at the same clinic.

For many conservatives, the protest wasn’t terribly surprising due to the fact that the clinic reportedly employs the disgraced Dr. Steven Chase Brigham.

In fact, according to Operation Rescue, which is a pro-life organization and watchdog group, Dr. Brigham allegedly had his membership with the NAF revoked and is purportedly believed to be “the worst abortionist in America.”

To make matters worse, Brigham, who reportedly wasn’t actually at the clinic at the time of the protest, allegedly doesn’t even have a current license to practice medicine, even though he supposedly continues to operate 13 abortion facilities across Maryland, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, and DC.

Despite the arrests, though, Father Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life, who was among those protesting outside of the clinic, told reporters that it’s unlikely that his group will stop participating in future Red Rose Rescue missions. Rather, he claimed that the missions “[will continue] until the end of pre-born child killing. That’s without a doubt.”

In addition to Father Imbarrato, Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, who is the director of the anti-abortion group Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, was also among those praying outside of the death clinic.

When asked about the reason behind the protest, Dr. Miller told reporters that they were motivated by love and kindness toward both the women and unborn children.

“We believe in the Red Rose Rescue that love doesn’t have a boundary,” explained Dr. Miller.

“There’s no boundary line. The abortion clinic  – they’re the ones that draw those boundaries,” she continued.

“Our love has to go past that boundary. The women are sitting there, ready to get their abortions – this is a peaceful, loving act of charity on behalf of those moms and on behalf of their innocent unborn children,” added Miller, noting, “and all I can say is that they deserve this defense and we hope to continue to give them the defense that’s involved with Red Rose Rescues.”

Unfortunately, though, while some are doing whatever they can to save the lives of unborn children, others seem to be actively pushing to make their slaughter even easier.

For example, earlier this month, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands reportedly urged a US District Court judge in Idaho to overturn a newly enacted law in the state, otherwise known as HB 638, that made it mandatory for licensed death clinics and abortionists to report every time a woman getting an abortion needs medical treatment or dies from complications.

Specifically, the Planned Parenthood branch argued that such reportedly requirements supposedly do not “do enough to protect women’s private medical information from being released to the public.”

Moreover, the abortion group also supposedly doesn’t support the law because they claim it is “convoluted and puts health care providers at risk of criminal and civil penalties if they guess wrong when attempting to follow the vague reporting requirements.”

Prior to that, US District Judge Carlton Reeves apparently placed a “temporary restraining order” on a pro-life bill, known as “HB 15010,” that had been signed in Mississippi earlier in the year banning women from having “abortions after 15 weeks gestation unless the unborn baby is not expected to live outside the womb or if continuing the pregnancy jeopardizes the woman’s life.”  

And before that, US District Court Judge Lee Yeakel reportedly ruled, quite ludicrously, that a law in Texas, known as “SB 8” prohibiting doctors from performing barbaric dismemberment abortions is unconstitutional.

Alarmingly, around the same time, US District Judge Myron Thompson evidently struck down a similar law in the state of Alabama on the grounds that the state cannot ban horrific dismemberment abortions, which many pro-lifers would claim is utterly absurd.