Pro-Family Censored

PUBLISHED: 8:51 PM 28 Sep 2018

Pro-Family Website Taken Down After Activist Complains

They were reportedly targeted by a homosexual activist and convicted criminal who they had previously published an arrest report about.

MassResistance, which is an extremely controversial website dedicated to pro-family activism, was taken down by the company hosting their website following a complaint against them by Adam Flanders, an LGBT activist (pictured above).

Just recently, MassResistance, which is an extremely controversial website dedicated to pro-family activism, was taken down by HostGator, a web hosting company that had agreed to host their site, after they reportedly received a complaint by Adam Flanders, a well-known LGBTQ activist who’s also apparently a convicted criminal.

The removal of their website from the internet, which had occurred several years after the pro-family website reported on the gay offender’s arrest, was only temporary. Shortly after being taken down, they promptly reached out to a Christian-run host company and have since come back online.

Following their return to the internet, an unidentified writer at MassResistance published a report documenting their experience in detail.

“On Thursday, Sept. 20 the MassResistance website was suddenly taken down by the hosting company, HostGator, reacting to frivolous ‘complaints’ by a homosexual activist (a convicted sex offender – who molested a minor),” began the writer in the article that was published on the site.  

Basically, the complaint was about the website supposedly using copyrighted material that belonged to the activist. When this was challenged, the complaint changed to them sharing private information about the activist, which the website has also denied doing.

“The same activist had recently taken two other pro-family sites down by ‘complaining’ to other companies. And other sites (including a major pro-family news site and a talk radio site) have been seriously threatened with shutdown,” continued the person who wrote the article.   

After pointing this out, the author then mentioned that upon further reflection, such an attack was bound to happen.

Specifically, they wrote, “looking back, something like this was inevitable. First, it was conservatives being banned by Facebook. Then Twitter and YouTube. PayPal and some credit card companies also started banning conservative groups. All of these were the result of pressure by left-wing and LGBT activists – and liberal companies enthusiastically complying.”

To clarify, the author quoted an anonymous internet company executive, who stated, “internet companies cave in very quickly because they’re full of liberals anyway, and one customer among thousands means nothing to them,” and added, “it’s so easy that it’s frightening.”

Later in the article that was published to MassResistance, the writer of the piece provided more information about the person who purportedly filed the complaint against them.

“The homosexual activist behind these attacks is Adam Flanders, who lives in California. Flanders has a long history of fraudulently referring to US Copyright laws and company policies to attack pro-family websites,” asserted the author.  

“MassResistance tangled with him before. Back in 2007, Flanders lived in Maine. He wrote an article in a local newspaper admitting that he and other homosexual men had sexually abused underage boys at a local LGBT ‘youth’ organization. (We had been warning parents about this kind of thing.),” clarified the writer before mentioning that Flanders was later convicted of sexual abuse of a minor, which they reported about on their website.

“In 2012, Flanders filed several frivolous lawsuits against MassResistance claiming ‘damages’ by us for posting what was public material about his case. That is a common intimidation strategy. We were doing nothing illegal, and all of his lawsuits failed. Since then, other groups have re-posted our information,” continued the author of the piece.

“In his current attack, Flanders targeted the material about him on our website that we had posted back in 2012,” they added, noting, “but keep in mind, a complaint could have come from any homosexual or left-wing activist on virtually anything posted on a pro-family site.”

Those at MassResistance refused to cave into what many would agree is the blatant censorship of ideas. Upon learning that their site had been taken down, they then contacted Altha Technologies, which is a Christian-run company in Maine, run by Jared Heath, who’s an ex-Marine and a so-called “fearless” Christian, and asked if they would host their site on the internet.

In response, Heath reportedly told them that he would not only agree to host their site but also wouldn’t be intimidated by any leftist threats made against him. They then transferred their content to his company and had their site back up and running the next day.  

It’s not uncommon for members of the authoritarian left to target others with what countless consider utterly misguided outraged.

Earlier this week, for instance, actor Dean Cain, who played Superman on television, was slammed by countless leftists for speaking at a publicity event hosted by the Family Research Council about a new movie about Kermit Gosnell, a well-known abortionist, that he had acted in.

Incredibly, though, instead of giving in to the hysteria and apologizing, Cain pushed back and defended his decision to speak at the event.

Several weeks before that, North Carolina law enforcement officials also sparked outrage that appeared wholly misguided to many shortly after placing five people under arrest for allegedly looting during the recent hurricane that had just struck the state.  

For example, some people tried to make the incident about the race of the officers by claiming that their conduct “sounds about white” while others called the officers names like “goodie-two-shoes.” There were even some who, quite disturbingly, went so far as to encourage suicide.

A few weeks before that, the diabetes company Lilly Diabetes announced their decision to end their sponsorship with Conor Daly, who recently drove the #6 car in his NASCAR debut, due to the fact that his father reportedly made what numerous people misunderstood as an offensive comment during a live radio interview over 30 years ago.

Apparently, Daly’s father had said that he felt like a “n***** in the woodpile,” after moving to the United States from Ireland to be a racecar driver. Upon being confronted about the phrase, which is purportedly widely used in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia, he professed his shock and has allegedly never used the word since.

Prior to that, Jack in the Box was the target of massive outrage for releasing a new advertisement that appeared to cleverly refer to the guts that they have for carrying several unique items on their menu as “bowls.” 

And before that, countless leftists targeted the Montgomery Biscuits baseball team with immense anger after they promoted a “Millennial-friendly” night-time event where the younger generation could earn participation ribbons as well as nap and take selfies.