PUBLISHED: 12:38 AM 7 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 6:53 PM 7 Jan 2018

Pro-Abortion Student Makes Disturbing Claim, Says Two-Year-Old’s Can’t Talk So Why Not

President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards would be proud of the pro-choice student's ridiculous claim.

President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards would be proud of the pro-choice student’s ridiculous claim.

Proponents of abortion seem to believe they are trendy and noble in fighting for so-called reproductive rights. No matter how it is argued though, abortion is murder, as the possibility of life or death depends on a mother’s important decision. Though some continue to use the fact that a baby is not a living entity up until birth, the latest pro-choice claim involves murder outside the womb.

Students for Life of America talked with students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus about their opinion on abortion. While opinions were naturally mixed, one student had an extreme view which he expressed on camera, supporting killing children as old as two years. His reasoning was that if a child could not “communicate,” they are unable to feel pain and it is acceptable to kill them.

His definition of communication includes the ability to “take care of themselves or hold an intellectual conversation” in determining whether a living entity is sentient or not. He compares the infant example to that of a tree. Plants, of course, cannot communicate, though he argues that until a child is old enough to verbally express that they are able to feel pain, it is useless to assume otherwise. Of course, his verbal skills weren’t too ‘sentient’ so perhaps he should rethink his claim.

While this is outrageous already, the student uses the fabricated logic as a backing to support aborting unborn babies. However, it has been proven that fetuses not developed enough to communicate can feel pain as early as 20 weeks of development. Ultrasound images have shown infants reacting to “sound, light, and touch,” in the womb, disproving the claim that fetuses being torn apart are not experiencing extreme pain.

Scientifically, the neural pathways which allow pain to be felt are most certainly developed by the time most abortion procedures are done. Some doctors even argue that fetuses subject to abortion actually feel more pain than a developed individual would, because the “pain-modifying system” in their brains are not developed enough to regulate such sensations. Even pro-choice doctors have to admit this, as fetuses undergoing intrauterine operations are given anesthesia for pain management.

However, pro-abortion advocates insist that fetuses flinching from incoming instruments are just a coincidence. In some circumstances, the fetus is so aware of what is occurring, that they must be put under anesthesia so that a doctor may perform the procedure without with unborn child fighting for its life. It is admittedly more convenient for pro-choice doctors to claim such cases as false, in making the decision to murder her child easier for a pregnant woman.

This chart shows the correlation between the developing lengths of the pain system and the pain modification systems; there is a clear gap, or “vulnerable period” in which a fetus would feel worse pain than a developed baby.

Even the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states “no legitimate scientific information supports the statement that a fetus experiences pain.” Perhaps the student who made the case in favor of infanticide ought to join the women’s health board, as he takes the same approach that subscribes to the idea that just because science or a child has not made it known, that their pain should not be considered.

The student’s claim proves to be even more ridiculous considering the fact that newborns, and one- and two-year-olds can, in fact, communicate, although they do so in a different way than adults do, considering the current stage of their development. Saying that a crying child is not experiencing some sort of pain or discomfort is undeniable proof of apathy and detachment from other living beings.

While the student’s confession has gone viral, once again raising the topic of abortion, it also brings into question the sanity of those in favor of any type of pro-choice terminations. Showing no remorse for the killing an infant over its perceived lack of sentience is the type of behavior one can expect a psychopath or sociopath to demonstrate in harming a child, animal, or elderly or disabled person. There is something terribly disturbed with individuals who can look into the eyes of another and inflict direct harm, whether it be in real life or on an ultrasound image.

The continued focus on a woman’s experience during an abortion fails to take into account the other life that is traumatized by such a procedure.

The president of Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins reflected on the interview, asking, “Life is only valuable if I can talk to it?” The pro-life group works mostly on college campuses, where liberal ideology is frequently embraced. The interview in Tennessee demonstrates that there is much work to be done in shifting the perspectives of Americans to a more compassionate approach in dealing with unplanned pregnancies, especially considering that many college students today may face a situation where abortion is an option. Thankfully, this student’s claim was so radical that it will hopefully cause even pro-choice individuals to realize the inhumanity in the medical trend.

Some pro-choice advocates believe that murder up until the age of two is acceptable.