PUBLISHED: 10:09 PM 11 Jan 2018

Private Gun Sales BANNED: Incoming Democrat Governor Makes “Commonsense” Promise

Top Democrat working to install overreaching gun control measures.

President Donald Trump vowed to protect and uphold the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, but the newly elected Democrat governor of Virginia has indicated that he wants to reduce his citizens rights to bear arms.

Ralph Northam said banning the sale of private guns in Virginia will be a top priority for Democrats in 2018.

He has confirmed that he will follow in the footsteps out outgoing Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who pursued but failed to secure more stringent gun control measures.

Northam will be seeking more “universal background checks for gun buyers,” meaning private gun sales will be treated like retail sales, where background checks are required at the time of purchase.

On paper, some would agree that an individual should go complete a background before purchasing a gun.

Northam, an Obama ally, is pushing for extreme gun control measures.

But Northam’s plan is to require every law-abiding gun owner to request a meeting with a government representative, a federal firearms license holder, and submit to a background check before the individual will be allowed to sell a gun to another person.

Imagine wanting to sell your gun to your neighbor or relative and having to go through all of that to do so – that is what Virginia is trying to impose on its citizens.

Further proving why Northam’s new plan is an extreme overreach, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive recently launched a sting operation to purchase weapons illegally online without adhering to the stringent background checks already in place.

After the operation was concluded, ATF went zero for 72 in swaying private online sellers to engage in selling firearms to people who are prohibited from owning firearms.

This is a gross overreach and nothing more than another Democrat working toward imposing additional gun control measures that infringe on Constitutionally protected rights afforded to Americans.

Source: True Pundit