Freedom’s Chopping Block

PUBLISHED: 2:02 PM 27 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 2:06 PM 27 Mar 2018

Principal’s Rocks, Self-Driving Death, And Spending Bill ‘Hoggs’ Headlines

These events are not disconnected and they are geared to have a powerful impact on the fundamental liberties of American citizens.

We are being ruled by children's whims and an unrelenting push toward servitude.

Last week, the left demonstrated its overwhelming push to destroy American ideals through the annihilation of liberty. I’m not talking about the gun control march as the only issue, although Hitler also used children’s safety as the driving force behind the disarmament of the population, I’m talking about how two specific events this week highlight the rabid, unrelenting push of the socialist leftists. Conversely, two other events show how some people, at least, are pushing back.

Americans will not lose their rights in one huge move. We will become serfs through a coordinated effort to chip away rights on every front… and that effort is becoming more concentrated.

Last week, a self-driving car ran down and killed a homeless junkie. Students who have been indoctrinated by their teachers their entire lives were flown, bussed, and driven to a so-called rally for the purpose of gaining headlines and strengthening the ignorance and idiocy of the masses. The spending bill was passed, and a principal gained national attention after suggesting that rocks could be an effective tool against would be murderers who target “gun free school zones.”

Let me start with the spending bill.

Firstly, this is not a budget. The distribution of funds in this bill is solely at the discretion of the president. I’m actually choosing to trust Mr. Trump. I think he is shrewder and more crafty than the liberals in Washington (which includes many republicans).

It’s entirely possible that some of the money allotted to the military will be used in wall construction, in fact, the President has already tweeted something to that effect. I do not doubt for one minute that Mr. Trump will build the wall. His history as Commander in Chief, so far, has been one promise after another kept. In fact, I think I will relish it when the liberal media gets wind of the massive wall construction and their frustration becomes apparent.

As far as the money being given to the CDC for gun ‘research’… we’ll see. But, there is absolutely no doubt that congress added those provisions to move forward with their full and utter bent to disarm Americans.

Briefly covering the so-called student march and its fearful leader, Hogg, Nothing that was said at the entire staged event justifies much comment. Not only are these people ignorant, they’re ridiculous. Their argument is based on idiotic fallacy, and they lack the ability to consider facts logically.

Plus, these are kids! Kids who haven’t developed the mental maturity to drive a car (some of them) or legally drink alcohol. Listening to brainwashed idiots is not what government is about… News flash young Hogg, “parents” know exactly what a democracy is…. Which is why WE DON’T HAVE ONE.

You would know that if your teachers weren’t a bunch of goose stepping globalists. The United States of America operates as a representative republic. Democracy (look it up… not on google) is derived from the Greek, people-rule. Basically mob rule.

If we were a democracy, the majority rule could establish the law. That means, young Hogg, that if we all agreed that mandatory, see through backpacks were a good idea, your right to privacy would be gone. And, without the ability to defend your rights (eh hmm, a gun), you are a slave. The entire ‘march’ farce would be humorous if it weren’t treated as a legitimate movement by the media.

The gun control push is so prominent, the tragedy of a self-driving car taking the life of a pedestrian has been swept away. Yet, it also has very serious implications.

I have watched this push for driverless vehicles for some time. Like all alt-left ideas, it is touted as a technological advancement for the betterment of society. What was originally belittled as ‘nonsense’ is now a reality.

But, does anyone understand the full implications to liberty that driverless vehicles will have?

For U.S. citizens, cars represent freedom. You can get in your car and drive across two continents. No one can tell you no, or prevent you (if you have enough fuel). A society with driverless vehicles would destroy that freedom.

Many people remember when Obama wanted to regulate the thermostats in people’s homes…

How much easier would it be to control citizens’ whereabouts if driverless cars were programmed, say to only drive a 50-100 mile radius? You see my point?

Moreover, the death of the homeless lady has resulted in a call for more ‘sensitive’ sensors. So, what if a criminal decides to make use of those sensors and walks out into the road? Your car stops, and you are at the mercy of however many thugs plan to rob, or assault you.

The push for driverless vehicles is a subtle move to restrain the population… that’s why it is touted as such a great improvement, despite the collateral damage that was done last week.

Finally… I will risk ridicule with this opinion: The bucket of rocks in the classroom is not that bad an idea. Teaching children how to respond to danger through careful training is not stupid. I’m not saying that this is the best solution, but it’s not the worst.

The problem we now have in the country is that too many children are trained to become victims. The entire public school system revolves around a victim mentality… participation trophies, zero tolerance for violence, genderless ‘education,’ and never-have-anyone’s-feelings-hurt pansies have taught kids that they are all victims.

Shooters who would target innocent children (in idiotically gun-free areas) to earn fame should be treated like the rabid dogs they are. The community should stone them—in self-defense, of course.

It’s sad to see that law-abiding citizens… people who have enjoyed the liberties granted by God and established by our Constitution… are being swept toward inevitable servitude in a global oligarchy. Self-driving cars and the destruction of the second amendment are just the beginning.