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PUBLISHED: 10:37 PM 24 Jan 2018

Princeton Tells Students To Constantly Check Consent While Dancing

The students are required to do this until the music stops.

Do they really believe this is the answer?

The authoritarian left is actively trying to control the lives of others. One of the ways they’re doing so is through absurd rules for personal relationships.

For example, students at Princeton University are currently being told by the school’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, & Education (SHARE) office, which is a survivor-centered, trauma-informed confidential resource on campus, that when they’re dancing, they must repeatedly check in with their partner for “affirmative consent.” If they fail to do so, then they could potentially be reported for sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Specifically, the Facebook page belonging to Princeton’s SHARE posted an image several weeks ago about what consent looks like on the dance floor. The image, which features two black stick figures dancing, shows that consent on the dance floor starts with one person opening up the conversation by asking, “do you wanna dance?”

The image then goes on to suggest that one possible reply indicative of consent is “absolutely!” Additionally, the post also points out that “yeah! Let’s do it!,” and “I’d love to!” affirm consent as well.

The image also encourages students to tell their partners, “hey, are you still into this? We can stop if you aren’t.” On top of that, it also tells them that affirmative consent on the dance floor includes “frequently checking in with your dance partner” and “asking and waiting for an answer.”

Since the post was shared by an office at the school focused on combating sexual harassment and sexual assault, the implication seems to be that those who don’t abide by their draconian dance floor dictate risk being punished by the school’s administration. This means that a student could possibly be suspended or even expelled just for failing to check in with their dance partner after every song.  

Unfortunately, this type of sexual education, known as teaching children “yes means yes,” is not limited to the university system. It’s also being taught in high schools throughout California. This is because, back in 2015, Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill into law requiring all state high schools to teach their students about it before they graduate.

In defense of the bill before it was signed into law, its lead sponsor, Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), the California State Senate speaker pro tempore, stated, “sexual violence has always thrived in the gray areas of the law. What we want to create is a standard of behavior, a paradigm shift as much as a legal shift. We’re no longer talking about the old paradigm of the victim being blamed for their own behavior.”

However, critics of the bill, like John F. Banzhaf III, a professor at George Washington University Law School, believe that the law hurts students more than it helps them. “There’s really no clear standard yet — what we have is a lot of ambiguity on how these standards really work in the court of law. The standard is not logical — nobody really works that way,” explained Banzhaf while speaking with reporters about the legislation.

“The problem with teaching this to high school students is that you are only going to sow more confusion,” he continued, noting, “they are getting mixed messages depending on where they go afterward.”

On top of this, the legislation doesn’t even really protect the people it’s intended to protect. This is because, even if a person’s partner says “yes” repeatedly throughout the encounter, they could claim that, in hindsight, they felt pressured to do so and then subsequently accuse the person they were with of sexual misconduct.

Sadly, this isn’t the only absurd law recently passed by the left in California. Last year, for instance, Gov. Brown signed SB 219 into law. The bill, otherwise known as known as the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender [LGBT] Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights,” was written to help protect the elderly LGBT community from discrimination.

Specifically, the legislation “prohibits long-term care facilities from discriminating against people “on the basis of [their] actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status.”

Under the new law, healthcare facilities are now at risk of being punished with fines “as high as $1,000” and a “jail term of up to a year” for “denying admission to a long-term care facility, transferring or refusing to transfer a resident within a facility or to another facility, or discharging or evicting a resident from a facility [because of their gender identity].” They also could be punished for “willfully and repeatedly failing to use a resident’s preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.”

This means that someone could literally be fined and thrown in jail for simply refusing to call a biological man “she,” or a biological female “he.” Not only is this completely absurd, it’s also in violation of the First Amendment, which protects people from compelled speech.

The authoritarian left must not be allowed to continue controlling the lives of others. To stop this from happening, conservatives need to work together and do more to speak out against their absurd rules and policies.