PUBLISHED: 9:34 PM 15 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 10:56 PM 15 Feb 2017

Priebus Exposed As Leaker, Responsible For Feeding Media During The Events Of Yesterday

GOP leader Reince Priebus has been a thorn in Trump's side and the new media that supported him since day one. Now it seems that his days be numbered in terms of his post with the White House.

GOP leader Reince Priebus has been a thorn in Trump's side and the new media that supported him since day one. Now it seems that his days be numbered in terms of his post with the White House.

GOP leader Reince Priebus has been a thorn in Trump’s side and the new media that supported him since day one. Now it seems that his days be numbered in terms of his post with the White House.

When Trump was gaining support on the way to his White House win over Crooked Hilary, Reince Priebus was not a help, but a detriment. He was hellbent on stopping independent media, which loved Trump, from getting any access whatsoever to the GOP Convention in Cleveland (authors note; it happened to me personally) even though it was the independent media that was exposing the lies of the fake mainstream media outlets like CNN and ABC.


Reince Priebus inside the White House.

Priebus only grudgingly got onboard the Trump train because to not do so would have caused a terrible loss for the GOP, even though some diehards, like the traitorous war criminal George W. Bush, did not support Trump still.  When Trump appointed Priebus to White House Chief of Staff, many loyal to Trump were seeing that the swamp was draining but that the gas was still present. Now that Priebus has been found to have been the head of the snake that lead to Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s downfall, that awful smell may be departing since it is rumored that he is next on the Trump chopping block.

Priebus has been as disloyal to Trump as he was towards the voting block and new media that rose to elect him. Sure, it was Flynn that chose to lie and put his own head in the noose by discussing Obama era sanctions with others and then denying it, but it was Priebus that has done everything in his power to undermine everyone affiliated with Trump.


Trump chose Rex Tillerson (pictured) to have final say over the choices of United States Ambassador, a fact that Priebus knew, but ignored.

There are signs galore that Priebus is also eying the elimination of Steve Miller, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway in an effort to turn Trumps administration away from the swamp drainers and towards the kind of watered down and useless Republicanism that has caused most of America to detest them.

Infowars have uncovered that it was Priebus himself who fed what they call “red meat” to the mainstream media that he supported over the smaller and more factual news outlets during the campaign, just like it was/is Priebus who said that Trump was “isolated, a clueless child” who was “wandering about in a bathrobe” of which he does not even possess, and who’s White House is in “disarray.” Priebus conned his way into his post by portraying himself as a man who could make Trump’s ideas a reality in a divided Congress, but that seems to have been simply words used to trap Trump in a grip of betrayal.


Priebus is so ill-fitted for his job that he thinks that a man that Trump had to sue should be chosen to work with the president that sued him!

The agency chiefs and staff members that Priebus has chosen have been most of the people that America voted against when they sent Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, “Little” Marco Rubio, and even Chris “toll bridge” Christie off from the debate stage. The people that he is choosing to help Trump meet his goals are puppets who’s loyalty lies firmly with Obama, Clinton, and those that have made America the exact opposite of “great.”

Beyond that, Priebus trampled a promise that Trump made Rex Tillerson which said that it was he who had the final word regarding the top ten ambassador nominations that were to come up, not Priebus. Instead of honoring this, Priebus gave the list to the president without even consulting Tillerson, a move that saw 15 choices given to Trump based on what they gave to Trump in donations, something that Trump did not know that Tillerson had not vetted. In other words, just like he silenced pro-Trump voices at the RNC, Priebus tried to silence due protocol within the Trump administration and keep “pay for play” alive and well in the casino of the swamp.

This is displayed beyond all argument by the fact that Priebus has promised Buchan that he would be the Ambassador to Spain even though Tillerson was livid that he never got his promised say in how things needed to be executed, as promised by Trump prior. Before anyone suggests that Tillerson is some kind of control freak, according to Infowars, Buchan is a ” failed hedge fund manager and serial tax evader who owned a company that was part of a lending syndicate Trump sued.” Not only was it rude of Priebus to suggest Buchan, but it was what Trump would likely call, “stupid.”


The same kinds of “pay for play” politics that got Clinton mocked and which Trump is opposed to was the kind of donor lift gift jobs that Priebus wants to see in Trump’s administration.

The corruptions (found in the above-sourced article) outlined in 14 full paragraphs shows Buchan and his ties to Hunter Global Investors Offshore Fund Ltd which was ” was put into “voluntary liquidation”, issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the legally questionable Newcastle Investment Corp, and even The George and Sarah Buchan Foundation which seems to be almost as crooked as the Clinton Foundation in many ways. From there the facts only get more strange and untrustworthy and when completed, it shows that for Priebus to suggest such a terribly mismatched and dishonest person to be in an administration that is aiming for the utmost in honesty works to define why Priebus must be shown the door.

What America is seeing right now is not the failing of the new and still blossoming Trump administration, but more of a ringside seat to how good politicians get broken down from within their own ranks. The problem is not that Trump is choosing awful people, but rather that there are not enough good, moral people in Washington with any experience who can be trusted to not be part of what has ruined the United States of America to begin with. Not many people have the experience that Priebus has, but with the level of corruption and filth that come with him, he is just not going to work for Mr. Trump moving forward.


Priebus is one of the reasons the Green Card confusion was a glaring error in Trump’s travel ban.

So as the swamp drains and the nations sighs a huge sigh of relief, let us not forget that we need to remain ever on guard against the RINO’s, neocons, and pay for play specialists who are hoping to get close to Trump since they assume that he does not know any better. The world is quickly discovering that Donald Trump means to keep his word and those that get in the way of such promise keeping will be given the Flynn treatment. In the case of Priebus, it can not happen soon enough.