Trump Attacked

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 10 Mar 2019
UPDATED: 5:44 PM 10 Mar 2019

Presidential Act Of Comfort In Alabama Attacked By Rabid Left

Apparently, it really doesn’t matter if he does the same thing countless other politicians have done, President Trump will be attacked by the media for it.

Doing something that other democrats have done is apparently now bad since President Trump did it.

While touring the havoc wreaked by tornadoes in Lee County, Alabama, President Donald Trump signed bibles for victims.

The act, which has been done by democrats Truman, Clinton, Gore, Carter and Mondale, was immediately pounced on by the mainstream media, which has apparently made its mission in life to disparage the president for any and all acts, including those of kindness and comfort.

Although he signed the covers of the books, only, the outrage was swift.

“MSNBC kicked off Saturday morning with a segment that was highly critical of the move.

“Joe Watkins, former White House aide to President George H.W. Bush — who also happens to be a pastor — said he would “not be inclined to sign someone’s holy book.”

“He did, however, note that the people asking Trump to sign their Bibles did not appear to be bothered by it.”

Former Obama White House aide Will Jawando quipped, “I’m of the opinion that only Jesus should be signing a Bible.”

Really? Who cares about his ‘opinion?’ senior advisor Karine Jean-Pierre argued that the move was unprecedented and even “bizarre,” saying, “I’ve never seen that. I don’t think any of us has ever heard of a president signing a Bible.”

But, it wasn’t unprecedented. Not by a long shot. Of course, that didn’t stop the social media mob, led by leftist reporters, from jumping on the outrage bandwagon.

Politico called the move “an unusual gesture.”

After that, there seemed to be no limit to the offensive and slanderous claims the media spewed.

Wrong. Border protection does NOT violate the teachings of Christ, and if he would bother to read the bible, he would discover that there is extreme vetting into heaven.

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin rained on their parade with a single tweet, reminding them that a president signing Bibles wasn’t exactly a new phenomenon.

Malkin listed Harry Truman, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale among the democrats who had done exactly the same thing.

Where were these ‘journalists’ then? Oh yeah, right… it’s only when President Trump does something to comfort people and troops that the ‘outrage’ is voiced.