PUBLISHED: 7:42 PM 30 May 2017

President Trump Set To Terminate Obama’s Friendship With Communist Cuban Dictatorship

Obama´s policies would be extremely beneficial to Castro´s regime.

Obama´s policies would be extremely beneficial to Castro´s regime.

Obama’s policies would be extremely beneficial to Cuba’s regime.

Over the last decades, Cuba has become the worst dictatorship in Latin America history, and the clearest example of how leftist policies can easily destroy an entire nation. Ruled by the Soviet Union and governed by Fidel Castro, this regime had a significant role in the Cuban missile crisis, and remains as one of the few communist regimes in the world.

Considering its geopolitical position, the U.S. lifted a commercial, economic, and financial embargo against Castro’s government, in order to minimize its influence and avoid the island becoming a major threat. After the Cold War, this strategy remained and it represented a strong message of zero tolerance for anyone who wanted to take the same steps.

Unfortunately, things didn’t change when Raul Castro replaced his brother Fidel as Cuba’s dictator, and the lack of freedom and constant violations of human rights remained on the Caribbean island. However, despite the fact that the embargo and the lack of relationships with this nation were demolishing to the regime, Barack Obama made a u-turn in the U.S. position against Cuba, and approved several policies that represented an oxygen pipe to the old and dying dictatorship.

Obama deals with Raul Castro sets a terrible precedent in the American foreign policy.

Obama deals with Raul Castro set a terrible precedent in American foreign policy.

Of course, this capitulation of the U.S. government was endorsed by the liberal media, which in a pathetic discursive juggle claimed that if the previous policies didn’t overthrow Castro’s regime, some new ones should be tested. Nevertheless, during the Presidential campaign, Donald Trump expressed he would solve this situation. And apparently, the promise will become a reality sooner than expected.

According to the Daily Caller, the President is set to announce a devastating setback of Obama’s policies toward the Caribbean island, in a clear attempt to restore the hardline position against its communist regime.

Apparently, the development of these actions is because of the efforts of Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, and Republican Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, who had a major role behind the scenes.

Marco Rubio played a major role in Trump´s strategy against Obama´s deals.

Marco Rubio played a major role in Trump’s strategy against Obama´s deals.

In fact, the information was confirmed by John Kavulich of the nonpartisan U.S. – Cuba Trade and Economic Council, who explained that Trump’s administration has been ready to announce the changes since February 2017, but several issues unrelated to Cuba have intervened.

Additionally, he expressed that the U.S. government will focus upon discouraging any kind of transactions with entities controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) of the Republic of Cuba. Also, it will enact “increased enforcement relating to travel.”

Although these actions will be criticized by Democrats and some Republicans colleagues, it will reinforce the relationships with important members as Senator Rubio, and Trump’s popularity with Florida’s Cuban community. In fact, this group represented a massive support for the president in the elections, since he assured them that his government would have a stronger stance against Castro.

Cuban community represented a significant support for President Trump during the elections.

Cuban community represented a significant support for President Trump during the elections.

Regarding Trump’s termination of Obama’s deals with the communist regime, Diaz-Balart confessed he is completely sure that the president will make it happen, and that everyone will see a different policy in the short term. On the other hand, Rubio tweeted on March that unlike President Obama, Trump will treat Cuba as a dictatorship.

Also, Rubio told El Nuevo Herald that far from being an improvised strategy, Trump’s actions against Obama’s policies have been meticulously studied, in order to know when and how it could be done. Furthermore, the Florida Senator stated that he cannot give any more details at this time.

Nevertheless, an anti-embargo group said that Trump would announce the changes in a June speech in Miami, but the White House refused to confirm or deny this information. However, this seems to be a perfect place and moment for his administration to take this step, considering that the majority of Cuban anti-Castro immigrants lives in this city.

Although some liberals believed that Obama’s deals would have a damaging effect on Castro’s regime, the truth is that it only represented a huge help. In fact, it empowered them.

But of course, the mainstream media will sell the idea that Obama wanted to try a more clever way to change Cuba’s reality, while Trump is just making a serious mistake by terminating these deals.

Sadly, it seems that common sense is the least common of senses.