PUBLISHED: 7:07 PM 20 Apr 2017

President Trump Receives Help From Unlikely Place As California Politicians Step Up To Defend Him

California Congressmen

California Politicians (Pictured) Are Stepping Up To Help Out President Trump.

During the election, one of the biggest conversation topics was illegal immigration. Thanks to then-candidate Donald Trump’s promise that a wall would be built to keep illegals out, there has been a constant battle between Democrats and Republicans. The liberals have thought of several ways to keep illegals safe though.

First and foremost, they are trying to block funding for the wall. Secondly, they are building these “sanctuary jurisdictions,” which are various counties and cities across the country that are harboring illegal immigrants. California, the liberals dream destination, has come to the forefront as one of the first states to oppose Trump. However, the liberals there are going to be fighting a two-sided war.

Not only are they going to have to fight against Republicans in the federal government, but they have to go against the GOP in their own state. California’s Republicans have spoken out. They introduced legislation that is set to oppose what the liberals in the state really want.

According to California Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach), “California’s Democrat politicians have been promoting a policy of sheltering criminals in our state who are in here illegally. Californians don’t want criminals who are here illegally to be sheltered in their communities.”


Liberals In California Have Made Numerous Sanctuary Cities.

To fight against that policy, Allen unveiled a bill of his own. While doing so, he was alongside Agnes Gibboney, whose son was unfortunately shot and killed by an illegal immigrant that had been deported before. These are the types of people that California liberals are trying to protect, which is utterly astounding.

The GOP Assemblyman’s bill does three things. To start with, it puts a stop on state funds going to any city or county that publicly claims to be a sanctuary, or has those policies in place. Secondly, it has state law enforcement cooperating directly with federal immigration officials. Finally, it stops the use of taxpayer money being used to defend the criminal illegals.

Gibboney spoke out about her son’s death. “I don’t want another family member to live the hell, with pain and suffering that I live with every day. There was no second chance for my son. Where is his sanctuary city? Where was his protection?”

Allen’s bill counters SB 54. The liberal bill stops law enforcement from communicating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in nearly every case. There is but one exception, and that is convicted violent felons. That is going to harm more people than it helps.

Allen recognizes that as well. While it’s common sense that convicted felons would be captured, that leaves those previously deported and convicted of lesser offenses protected from ICE agents. That is literally asking for trouble.

“We’re not talking about someone’s grandmother sitting at home,” said Allen. “Child abusers, drug abusers, stalkers, people guilty of sexual battery. These are serious, serious criminals and we shouldn’t be using state funds to protect those criminals in our communities.”

illegals deported

Some Of The Offenders Are Incredibly Dangerous, Yet California Wants To Protect Them.

Despite his valiant efforts, within hours of Allen’s bill being introduced, the bill was completely squashed. The Assembly Committee on Public Safety ultimately slammed his bill and tossed it aside. Allen and the other Republicans expected that though, as members of the GOP have essentially no power in the State Legislature.

Allen said that he didn’t introduce the bill with hopes of having it passed. Instead, the reason that he introduced it was to get the word out to the general public. According to most reports, there are approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, although the number varies. Unfortunately, this is necessary, as Hawaii introduced a virtually identical sanctuary bill that will protect criminal illegals, outside of the most violent ones.

Some cities across the country have been pulling their sanctuary city status because of the effect that it is having on their businesses. A city in Michigan saw, and heard, that their businesses were being negatively impacted hours after the city declared they were a safe haven for illegals. After that, they stopped calling themselves a sanctuary city.


A City In Michigan Had Wised Up And Stopped Calling Themselves A Sanctuary City.

Every city isn’t as intelligent as the one in Michigan though. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are sanctuary cities out there that are releasing dangerous, and violent, criminals ON PURPOSE. Opposing the federal government in terms of illegals is one thing, but purposefully letting dangerous people go is another.

California Republicans might not have won the battle, but they are extending the war. Thanks to the bill proposed by Allen, more and more people are getting educated on the dangers of sanctuary cities. Hopefully soon enough, there will be sound minded individuals leading California, instead of their current leadership.