PUBLISHED: 12:19 AM 9 Jan 2017

President Trump Has Now Secured Funding Plan, Wall Construction Set To Begin IMMEDIATELY


Trump is going to build the wall simply by using existing law and existing money. Charging Mexico happens later.

Many of those opposed to Donald Trump building the wall along the Mexican border found a bit of comfort in the idea that it could never pass Congress, even with a Republican dominated Congress. Well, it seems as if they have been trumped by “The Donald” because he appears to have found a perfectly legal way to build the wall without having to grovel to Congress that won’t obey the law.

There is already enough money in the existing “US coffers” to pay for his wall. After all, it is not as if Trump is going to come into the nation and there will be NO money in any of the federal government and border related agencies that exist. Trump, as many on the right imagined prior,  is suggesting using the money already collected from the taxpayers to build the perfectly legal wall in this perfectly legal way. This is due to the fact that laws are already in the books that allows for fencing, walls, technology, and things of that nature. Trump is simply going use the laws already in print.


Trump has ideas to make Mexico pay for the wall.

Many may upon hearing this news be tempted to scoff that Trump, who had claimed that Mexico was going to pay for the wall, is saying that he aims to use existing money collected from his over taxed base. This however would be an unfair statement in that Trump has said that America is only paying for the wall for the sake of speed. Every day that meanders by awaiting the bricks being laid is one more day that someone just walks right into the nation. Trump has every intention of keeping his promise to make Mexico pay for the wall.

To do this, Trump has suggested taking some of the remittances, which is the money that is sent to Mexico by those living in the USA, but this may prove to be the least appealing option considering that it would simply lead to such mailings being undeclared. The other and better option that Trump has mentioned included increasing the price that Mexico pays at the border as they cross. While this small amount of money increasing in such a way may not sound like a big sum, it would likely pay for the wall in just a few short years.


Trump will not let the left prevent him from again making America great!

There are also some attacks coming at Trump concerning the fact that he has said in some areas, fencing may be sufficient. While this may sound like backtracking, it is anything but. The truth is that while Trump has said that he is not going to let a ridiculous environmental impact statement prevent the wall, Trump doesn’t simply dispel everything that such a statement may include.

It is perfectly reasonable that in a few places, the affect of a wall could be a harm to area, so Trump is actually agreeing with the side that condemns him. They are simply angry that he will not let the left use this an excuse to prevent the rest of the wall from being good old (American made) bricks.

What many also fail to grasp is that in these areas where a fence could suffice, the land is not conducive to travel. It is often so dense and so toxic to travel that it is all but impossible to enter from those areas. Sure, some Mexican version of Rambo is going to find some way to live on thickets and thorns for a week with no water and still make it in, but that is not going to be common, so it is not a factor. In these areas, a fence actually WILL work much better since clearing the natural barrier may make it even easier to get in.

Some are suggesting that Trump is simply trying to skirt Congress, an act that Trump and the right has attacked Obama for quite a bit. Such a line of reasoning makes no sense because Obama was using executive orders to do so which is not legal in any way. The first executive orders ever written by George Washington concerned his wife’s and the White House’s pottery, not matters of national importance. What Trump is doing is simply using the money that America under Obama has already set aside for matters such as this and legally using it.


Reagan granted mass amnesty which later ended badly. What might he say today?

What no one is talking about is the Trump plan for what he calls a “great big beautiful door.” The left is acting as if Trump is going to come into office and begin placing armed guards on the border like North Korea does, ever looming to prevent or limit travel so that once here, they must listen to indoctrination videos against their host nations.

Trump is saying nothing of the kind, for it is he who is trying to bring costs down for families who really love this country to come here. He wants immigration based on how the people will act or work once in the nation, not how much money they have, as long as they will not burden the existing structure that allows for such immigration.

Therein lies the key. The left wants to just allow everyone to enter the USA, and if they don’t speak the language, can’t get a job, can’t read, then they can always go on welfare. The trouble is that while Trump is the kind of person who has a history of helping the poor (even letting homeless minorities live in Trump tower for free), he understands that such a method would bankrupt the entire social welfare structure of the nation. If this kind of “empathy” was shown to those in need today, in twenty years there would be no money for anyone to ever come over because the system would be bankrupted.


Trump is not afraid to anger people on his quest to stop America from falling further.

By handling immigration on the basis of how much the system can take on, Trump is actually working to secure the option of future generations from other lands to still come here in the future, too. Combined with the fact that a secure border also makes life harder for would be terrorists, the left is going to have to come up with something more damning than accusing Trump of circumnavigating Congress by spending the money that Congress allotted for such projects.

Nice try Democrats, nice try. The Wall is coming.