Vegas Trump Rally

PUBLISHED: 9:26 PM 21 Sep 2018

President Trump Delivers Moving Speech At Sold-Out Vegas Rally

Despite the president only announcing the rally days ago, it was a passionate, sold-out event.

President Trump appeared in Las Vegas on Thursday to remind patriots how he is continuing to make American great again.

Only days ago, President Donald Trump announced that he would be holding a rally at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Being that it was with such short notice, this understandably made it difficult for the thousands of Trump supporters across the nation who would have loved to attend.

Nonetheless, that in no way prevented the event from being a successful, sold-out ordeal exploding with passionate Americans who were present. Despite the leftist media attempting to indicate otherwise, this was only just one event which showed that the president’s supporters are not shy in expressing their love for the commander in chief, as seen by the passionately energetic response.

The rally occurred on Thursday, September 20, in Las Vegas. Conservative supporters showed up by the thousands with the queue lining up around the venue multiple times.

The energy in and around the event was staggering to say the least. President Trump appeared on stage right on time, but the venue reached maximum capacity already by about 7:30 p.m., only 30 minutes after it had begun.

To no one’s surprise, the president spoke on numerous issues which stirred the emotions of the crowd both in and outside of the venue, ranging from Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the liberal media, diversity among his supporters, immigration, and even “right to try” medicinal methods for terminally ill individuals.

Also not surprising, President Trump spoke with such eloquence that even the liberal media has been unable to criticize his speech.

The president’s least favorite news source, CNN, reported with an article titled ‘The 35 most mind-blowing lines from Donald Trump’s Las Vegas speech,’ which, try as they did otherwise, only showed that President Trump is arguably one of the most passionate Americans and presidents to date.

Among such quotes were some of the following:

“This is an incredible time for our country. America is winning again.”

“The new platform of the Democrat Party is radical socialism and open borders.”

“And I won’t allow the United States of America to become the next Venezuela. That’s what they [democrats] want to do.”

“I can’t tell you how dishonest and corrupt so much of the media is. I can’t even explain it. Impossible to explain. Nobody would believe it. Nobody would.”

Yet perhaps one of the most moving of his quotes was that which President Trump declared to the American people: “You’re not letting me down. I’m never, ever going to let you down.”

Most conservatives would agree that the president has not let them down by any means, and, in fact, has excelled in upholding his promises to make the country great again.

Again, while the liberal media has made every attempt to portray that the country is in mass opposition to their leader, Thursday’s rally made it abundantly clear that that is certainly not the case.

Most importantly seen at the rally was the undeniably proud representation of republicans, who, time and time again, have proven to be a more collectively mature group of individuals than democrats.

Seen firsthand, there was virtually no commotion before, during, or after the event, despite it being such a massive turnout.

With no one directing the large crowd of people, attendees were forced to organize themselves and did so successfully.

Even more telling, however, was that despite the large crowd and the inability for many to even get inside of the venue, no one in attendance could be seen conducting themselves inappropriately.

Even in Sin City, there was not one piece of litter spread from attendees, and despite the frustration that countless could not even get inside, per the local fire marshal and Secret Service’s call, it remained civil.

Some even reportedly were heard outside of the venue suggesting that the event was a perfect representation of republican values which included conducting themselves responsibly. Others boldly mentioned how if it was a liberally-sponsored event, that it would have been outright chaos and destruction.

Yet above all, the passion seen by President Trump’s supporters was undeniably real with the energy being astounding.

The sea of red MAGA hats and individuals proudly displaying the American flag only increased as the line of patriots approached the front door.

Further indicative of the approaching event which many were anxiously anticipating was the noise level that increased as attendees congregated, shook hands with local politicians, and thanked one another for being present for such a momentous occasion.

As seen demonstrated at other political rallies for President Trump, the display of beautiful patriotism is what some would agree keeps conservatives going in the continuing fight to defend the nation against the horrors of the left.

The Republican Party is truly blessed to be represented by a leader who is willing to host numerous rallies such as that on Thursday. Seen by the thousands in attendance, those who voted President Trump into office and who proudly appeared at the rally would have to agree.

The left may argue horrendous things about President Trump, but the undeniable level of nationalism was heartwarming to say the least.