Times Loses To Veritas

PUBLISHED: 3:53 PM 24 Mar 2021

President Trump Congratulates Veritas For Defamation Win Against New York Times

The funny thing here is that the New York Times repeatedly uses “unnamed sources” to spew their lies, and the election was rigged.

Win! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The New York Times, which repeatedly uses “unnamed sources” in its propaganda articles lost a defamation suit against Project Veritas, and President Trump was on hand to congratulate them.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

In November 2020 James O’Keefe and Project Veritas filed a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times.

Project Veritas is 7-0 in court battles during its 10-year history.

The points of contention involve several defamatory and untrue statements made by New York Times writers Maggie Astor and Tiffany Hsu in their stories about the Project Veritas videos out of Minnesota involving a ballot harvesting scandal. Astor and Hsu falsely claimed that Project Veritas was part of a “coordinated disinformation effort” and referred to the videos as “misleading” and “deceptive.”  They also claimed that Project Veritas used “unidentifiable sources” and “without evidence” despite the fact that several sources are named in the video and hard evidence of the scheme was shown on video. Ironically, the New York Times themselves used unidentified sources to concoct their conspiracy theories about the videos.

On Tuesday President Trump congratulated Project Veritas after New York state Justice Charles Wood refused to dismiss the Veritas charges against The New York Times.  According to Project Veritas Justice Wood of the New York State Supreme Court stated in his ruling that, “The Articles that are the subject of this action called the [Veritas] Video ‘deceptive’, but the dictionary definitions of ‘disinformation’ and ‘deceptive’ provided by [the New York Times’] counsel … certainly apply to [Times reporters Maggie] Astor’s and [Tiffany] Hsu’s failure to note that they injected their opinions in news articles, as they now claim.”

He added, “Here, one of the largest newspapers in the world since Abraham Lincoln was engaged in the private practice of law, is claiming protections from an upstart competitor [Project Veritas] armed with a cell phone and a web site.”

President Trump congratulated James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for this outstanding win in their defamation suit against the NY Times.

And… President Trump encouraged his Followers to continue to support Project Veritas in their outstanding work.

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