WH Hispanic Celebration

PUBLISHED: 4:47 PM 20 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 6:43 PM 20 Sep 2018

President Trump Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month At White House

He celebrated the low unemployment among Latinos and made it clear that he intends to help rebuild Puerto Rico.

President Donald Trump recently hosted an event, which was attended by an extremely enthusiastic crowd, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House in Washington DC (pictured above).

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump hosted an event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House in Washington DC. During the event, which was reportedly held in the East side of the building and attended by a tremendously enthusiastic crowd, President Trump praised how low unemployment among Latinos was and apparently vowed to help rebuild Puerto Rico after last year’s hurricane destroyed the island.

Unsurprisingly, though, the crowd’s thunderous cries, which included chants of “viva Trump,” were seemingly silenced by other news outlets during what appeared to be a Heritage month media blackout.

Specifically, while speaking at the event, the president stated, “we have created more than 4 million new jobs since the election and the Hispanic unemployment rate has recently reached an all-time historic low in the history of our country.”

After pointing this out, he added, “these are very hard numbers to beat. I better win the Hispanics next time, right?” In response, the crowd erupted with laughter and applause.

“The poverty rate for Hispanics just reached a new all-time historic low. Nearly 350,000 Hispanics were lifted out of poverty in 2017,” continued the president, noting, “that’s pretty good.”

By saying this, President Trump seemed to be trying to point out that despite what reporters have been saying on biased media outlets, his administration has been significantly improving the lives of countless American citizens, especially those in the Hispanic community.

At another point during his talk, he reiterated the fact that his administration stands with Puerto Rico and made it clear that his administration is helping them “rebuild stronger and better than ever before.”

“We are all one people, we are all part of one great American family, and we are all in this together – saluting one flag, singing one anthem, and pledging allegiance to one nation under God,” continued the president while addressing the crowd that had gathered before him.

“We’re out there fighting for you, that I’ll tell you,” he added, noting, “you’ve got great spirit.”

Clearly thrilled by his comments, the attendees repeatedly cheered “Viva Trump!” and “four more years” throughout his speech.

In addition to President Trump celebrating the Hispanic community, a couple of others also made sure to praise the president as well.

For example, after being given a shout-out by Trump, Daniel Cortez, a Vietnam War veteran, replied, “I’m blessed because you’re our President.”

Incredibly, one of the guest speakers, Irina Vilariño, a Cuban-American woman, used the moment as an opportunity to suggest that there be an American heritage month.

In response, the president replied, “we’ll need it.”

The event at the White House, which many viewed as positive and uplifting, came amid countless attacks against President Trump and the things he’s trying to accomplish.

Just recently, for example, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) viciously lashed out at President Trump during a recent interview  Specifically, Gov. Brown basically claimed that something needs to happen to the president or else he may undermine the United States and possibly the entire world.

A few weeks prior, the editors at the Washington Post, which is a fairly liberal news outlet, decided to publish an opinion piece absurdly suggesting that Trump is at least partially responsible for the death and damage caused by natural disasters.

According to the article they published, he is “complicit” because he has fought back against the left’s campaign to cripple the US economy with major regulations and been a bit skeptical about the matter.

And several days before that, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who’s a well-known opponent of Trump, not only attacked the president but also seemed to take pleasure in threatening his supporters while giving a talk at a California event that the Stonewall Young Democrats had hosted.

Additionally, Rep. Waters repeated her call to impeach the president and suggested that she would also consider impeaching others, like Vice President Mike Pence.

She also, quite unbelievably, slammed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for doing what many would agree is something any decent human would do and apologize to Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the incessant interruptions during his confirmation hearing.

Prior to that, Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), a former federal judge who was impeached for engaging in corrupt conduct and lying about it under oath, made an extremely alarming joke about how it would be a “catastrophe” if someone saw the president drowning and decided to save his life.  

Even former president Barack Obama has apparently slammed President Trump. Specifically, while talking at an event in South Africa, the former president basically bashed leaders who completely fabricate things and basically suggested that this was what Trump spends a massive amount of time doing. He also warned that democracy may be undone with Trump leading the country.

Alarmingly, numerous liberals have also targeted others in his administration.

For example, earlier this year, anti-Trump journalist Jennifer Rubin called on others to punish White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with a life of discomfort for supposedly lying and turning others against the press.

And prior to that, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway mentioned to reporters during an interview that she was allegedly the victim of harassment while out shopping for groceries in the nation’s capital.

In addition to the white house counselor, Stephen Miller, who’s one of the President’s policy advisers, was reportedly harassed in public by an unknown bartender after entering a restaurant to pick up takeout sushi.