PUBLISHED: 6:30 PM 12 Jan 2018

President Not Fooled, DACA Give Away Smacked Down As Liberals Concoct Spin To Cover Truth

Bryan Zormeier by

President Trump derides lawmakers as negotiations continue on immigration reform.

President Trump derides lawmakers as negotiations continue on immigration reform.

During a meeting with members of Congress on Thursday, President Trump found the negotiations on immigration were moving too slow. A bipartisan group was assembled to discuss the immigration deal. When the policy makers began adding additional terms to an agreement for DACA, the president felt the need to speak up. The most recent news cycles have been a flurry of spin and deception as liberals attempt to obfuscate the content of the discussion.

Legislators were toying with the idea of allowing quotas for people from third world nations in South America and Africa. At this, the president asked why so many people from “s***hole” nations were allowed to enter the United States. Media personalities quickly jumped to the defense of countries like Haiti and El Salvador.

President Trump retorted telling the lawmakers America needs more immigrants from places like Norway. The president had met with Norway’s Prime Minister on Wednesday. The president also stated people from Asian countries would be acceptable as well.

The President, @RealDonaldTrump, shot down the fake news this morning with a tirade from Twitter.

The president draws these changes because of the different levels of economic support they provide for the United States. Pointing to numbers which indicate immigrants and people under temporary protection status (TPS) from poorer nations generally require more government assistance once in America.

Since the campaign trail, President Trump has been a fervent supporter of merit-based immigration. This would allow people to immigrate to the United States dependent upon their skills and assets. People who speak English, have high paying jobs, or can compete in a high wage environment would be allowed to immigrate to America.

The president is trying to prevent people who would enter the low wage workforce from flooding American markets. Suggesting that people from Asian or Scandinavian countries are able to find jobs that pay well, the president wants to make sure American workers are hired over immigrants.

Last November President Trump rescinded the protection status of the Haitians who came to America after the earthquake of 2010. The president announced the asylum seekers must return home by 2019. America is not a refuge for people to exploit at the slightest sign of a natural disaster.

Senators suggested supplementing the refugees being sent back with other visa earners. Senator Graham (R-SC) and Senator Dubin (D-Il) proposed to cut the lottery visa Program by 50%. Along with the cut, a priority would be given to the nations on the visa lottery list.

Commenting on the lack of development or reconstruction, Haiti is seen as a nation with a low GDP and less than desirable skill sets. The picture was taken in 2009, a year before the earthquake of 2010.

The diversity lottery visa program is responsible for bringing in the Pakistani Awan brothers who lent their technical expertise to DNC Chairwoman Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fl). Being grossly overpaid with taxpayer dollars, the family has been accused of stealing sensitive information from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Caught attempting to flee to Pakistan, Imran was charged with multiple accounts of bank fraud and is being investigated for the House Intel Security Scandal.

The president has been very vocal about his belief of ending the lottery visa program. It does not benefit the people and poses an actual threat to the national security of the country. President Trump told the lawmakers gathered around him that people from the “s***hole” nations on the Lottery Visa list have not earned a position in the American economy.

Fighting for a complete end to the lottery visas while arguing on behalf of the American worker, the president lets it be known, in no short terms, how he feels about the immigration reform being crafted in his name. Rather than trying to help the citizens of foreign nations, President Trump is looking for permanent solutions that will continue the positive feedback on the amazing stock market since his inauguration.

While liberals and leftist snowflakes have a mental breakdown over the remarks of the president, with a few explosive words, the president is able to direct and embolden the policy being discussed. By forcing news cycle after news cycle to stay focused in on immigration reform, the media is giving the president free advertisement. When the people can watch talks on immigration take place and follow along, the expectations of the public reach a point where legislation must be passed.

With the 2018 elections coming up later this year, the first two weeks of the new year have been dedicated to immigration reform.  The president has pushed the issue into the spotlight. The public eye is on immigration and DACA, and the people full anticipate legislation to be passed. The president and his art of the deal will be able to make everyone walk away looking like a winner.