Free Speech Order

PUBLISHED: 3:35 PM 3 Mar 2019

President Must Enforce First Amendment At America’s ‘Learning’ Facilities

Many people point out that it is a sad day in America when the president has to sign an executive order protecting students’ First Amendment right on the so-called ‘higher learning’ campuses.

Many people argue it's about time.

Yesterday, President Trump rocked the Conservative Political Action Conference during a historic speech, and made an announcement concerning the active suppression of conservative politics on America’s campuses.

After asking Hayden Williams on stage, the president announced that he would be signing an executive order protecting the right, and promoting free speech on University and College grounds.

It seems horrible and scary that such a move is necessary, many people argue. However, it is.

Williams was violently assaulted a few days ago simply for professing a conservative opinion that didn’t agree with the globalist, leftist agenda of a world-wide slave state.

“He took a punch for all of us,” President Trump said of Williams. “And we could never allow that to happen. And here is, in closing with Hayden, here’ the good news. He’s going to be a wealthy young man.”

The president urged Williams to bring civil lawsuits against his assaulter, but joked that the man “probably” hasn’t got anything to take.

When Donald Trump also told Williams he should sue the University of California Berkeley, the crowd erupted in cheers.

More and more people recognize the growing hostility on college campuses toward any free thinking that doesn’t align with liberal talking points.

Plus, liberals have become emboldened by hostile media rhetoric, and many believe that they have justification to physically harm someone who espouses a view that they are ‘offended by.’

Recently, one talking head said that MAGA hat wearers are asking to get assaulted.

Moreover, the media constantly defends the violent fascist tactics of terrorist groups like Antifa, who continually try to suppress free speech.

Williams told the president, “These students [continue to defend you] because they have a love of our nation and freedom and, frankly, a love for you Mr. President.”

The president explained that if campuses “want our dollars, and we give it to them by the billions, they’ve got to allow people like Hayden and many other great young people and old people to speak.”

“Free speech. If they don’t, it will be costly. That will be signed soon.”

Zachary Greenberg, who isn’t a student at Berkeley, was arrested Friday for the violent February attack.