PUBLISHED: 11:26 PM 9 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 3:56 AM 11 Jan 2018

President Fulfills 26-Year-Old Promise, Democrats Humiliated As Executive Orders Usher New Era

President Donald Trump Signed two executive orders on Monday.

President Donald Trump Signed two executive orders on Monday.

On Monday evening, President Trump gave a riveting speech in classic rally fashion. Journeying to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention, the president signed two executive orders aimed at servicing the rural areas of America.

Not since the fall of the Soviet Union has a sitting president addressed the convention. In 1992, George Senior told farmers that a fair playing field was all American cultivators needed to succeed. H. Bush understood rural America was not interested in handouts and fancy trade deals.

Twenty-six years after the convention in Kansas City, no president has since confronted the farmers and the problems of middle America. As the lowest sector of growth and with a wealth disparity unfavorable towards rural communities, many argue the country has been forgotten and left behind.

Speaking to the assembly of agricultural leaders, the president told the farmers his administration is working just as hard for them as they work every day for the rest of us. The president informed the crowd all new farm equipment will be 100% tax deductible under the new tax cuts.

Hoping to move past the three percent increase in the gross domestic product, President Trump is reviewing all trade deals and agreements. Assuring everyone is treated fair and equally, the farmers will once again be compensated for the global effort they participate in.

President Trump holds his own umbrella as he departs Nashville, Tennessee, where he signed two executive orders.

Not only addressing the convention floor, he signed two executive orders showing action and purpose. According to the Federal Communications Commission, 23 million people living in the United States are living without proper internet access. A vital concern for communities and businesses alike.

The first of the two executive orders mandate the Department of the Interior to begin allocating funds towards the installation of rural broadband. The second executive order demands all federal agencies use a standardized form and contracts when commissioning the installation for the broadband services.

This means he has streamlined the process of building infrastructure to support greater broadband in rural areas. Companies have greater access to public lands and less red tape and bureaucracy to traverse before they can begin construction. 

By being able to increase the speed of the internet for many communities, it is believed that economic growth and productivity can be brought to less localized areas. Jobs will be created through the building of new networks and greater wealth for providers who will service the area. Also included in the new tax cuts are incentives for companies who spur construction projects.

By moving higher internet speeds and jobs out to rural communities, President Trump is looking to further boost the economy. He told the crowd this last year has seen a miraculous three percent growth in the economy under budget and ahead of schedule. In the next year, we can see a growth of up to four percent.    

After he was inaugurated, President Trump assembled a task force of experts and industry leaders to investigate the critical issues facing rural America. The top priority the task force identified was the need for widespread broadband. The specialized team will continue to advise the president in the year to come.

Mentioned during his speech, Trump told the crowd that legislators are working on a Farm Bill. Congress, hoping to pass this bill in the next session, will include important crop insurance and direct subsidies. The bill will also include billions of dollars to be injected into the agriculture, food, nutrition, and land conservation programs.

The president gave a shout out to Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-Ks) and said good things are going to happen. Working together the president suggested the Farm Bill is going to be great for America.

Radical patriot and founding father, Thomas Jefferson, was an ardent supporter of the farmers and producers of the new nation. The third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson said the cultivators of the earth are the most valuable members of society for they produce more than wealth. 

President Jefferson believed that farmers, in essence, create a nation. What is now described as Jeffersonian Democracy, the founding father is known for his attempt at limiting the role of the federal government and his advocacy for state’s rights. Thomas Jefferson described a centralized banking system to be more of a threat than a standing army if left unregulated.