Rodent In Stew

PUBLISHED: 9:29 PM 10 Sep 2018

Pregnant Woman Served Rat With Offer For Abortion

China shows a number of flaws in just this one mishap.

A bowl of soup like this (pictured) had a disgusting surprise for one pregnant diner in Eastern China.

There are many things that women are encouraged to eat while pregnant, but rat stew isn’t usually very high on the list. Fox News has reported that just such a dish was served in error at a restaurant in eastern China called Xiabu Xiabu last Thursday.

Health officials closed the popular eatery and the whole place is now under investigation. shockingly, after the woman found the rat in her soup, the establishment offered to pay for the “abortion if the meal affected her unborn baby’s health.

The lady had been enjoying her meal with her husband, Ma. It was he who told the staff what had happened. The responded, “If you are worried about the baby, then we’ll give you 20,000 yuan ($3,000) to abort it,” Ma stated, according to the South China Morning Post.

The couple did rush to the hospital to have the unborn child and the mother checked. Xiabu Xiabu “later offered Ma 5,000 yuan ($728) in compensation for the incident — a price he was willing to negotiate after the hospital visit.”

No one knows what amount, if anything, the couple actually got.

No rats nor signs of rats were found when the place was inspected, but other violations shut them down, such as “pooled water in the food processing areas and using produce suppliers without full qualifications.

Many people think it was likely one of these suppliers which served up the rat, if the establishment itself showed no signs.

Xiabu Xiabu has “759 restaurants in China” and they stated how they care about public health and always seek to make improvements.

To many people, this story highlights how lightly abortion is taken in China, how bad communism is when it comes to food safety, how it seems that their health care is not affordable under their system any more than it is in America, and how the Chinese have no better means of oversight than anyone else.

It may even be that there’s is worse, which is frightful since they supply much of the food eaten in the U.S.