PUBLISHED: 9:04 PM 27 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 9:27 PM 27 Nov 2017

Predator In Paris Streets “Neutralized” As Police Confirm Dangerous Roaming

The sad aftermath as the tiger was shot and killed.

The sad aftermath as the tiger was shot and killed.

Paris is a city that is known for beauty, architecture, artwork, and poetry. Those in the land of the Eifel Tower are often so accustomed to the unusual that they are thought to be haughty from it, for nothing shocks them. Oh, nothing to see here, just the nicest food in Europe. Oh, nothing to see here but a tiger roaming the streets….


Yahoo News reports that even those in the legendary French city were quite shocked when a tiger that had escaped from a circus starting roaming the streets. It did so for “quite some time” until it was shot and killed. While sleeping agents and tranquilizers can make an animal a bit dangerous before it falls unconscious, to kill the tiger seemed callous and uncalled for.

The animal was “neutralized” by a member of the circus “near a bridge over the River Seine” just over a mile from the Eifel Tower, according to reports.

This was the outcome when a circus failed to secure the tiger cage.

Authorities tweeted “all danger is gone” with a tiger emoticon and, while that was actually quite humorous to post, many were still outraged that the tiger was shot.

It is hoped that the circus is shut down, not because it uses animals for a show (which does them NO harm) and not because an animal got loose. After all, accidents happen.

Rather, they should be closed down and tried for abuse for not having a better plan to deal with the mishap when it happened.

There was no reason for this majestic animal to have been killed.

No one wants to think that a tranquilizer was given and a life was lost as a result because the animal was confused, but with a skilled shooter, that is rarely the case. If the animal was gone for “some time” before anyone noticed, that fact right there speaks volumes about the circus and their inept staff.

When the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus was closed, America lost a great show and a chance to enjoy the talents of both animals and trainers alike. It is good to see that the art is still alive in other nations.

However, if the circus is to be run by those who have no sense of planning for situations of escape that do not involve shooting and killing the talented animals, then perhaps this particular show is something less than the greatest show on Earth.

Source: Yahoo News