Bible Offends

PUBLISHED: 10:32 PM 9 Apr 2018

POW Display Upsets Religious Freedom Group, Demand Bible Be Removed

The “Missing Man” display is located at the U.S. Naval Base in Okinawa.

The Bible that the founders used as a building block for the country is under attack again.

When a warrior stands for God and country, it seems fitting that his or her memory should be honored in that light. Sadly, as the realities of the Bible are removed from public conciseness, reason and decorum exit with it, as seen in a recent article by the Stripes.

A complaint from the “New York-based Law Office of Donald Rehkopf Jr. on behalf of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and 26 families on Okinawa” has said that a display from the United States Navy does not protect all service members from religion. This is because a “Bible was spotted in a POW/MIA ‘Missing Man’ table display at U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa.” Much of the uproar is over the words, “one nation, under God.

What such groups as this foul non-profit forget to understand is that each person is free from being forced to partake in a religion, no free from seeing it. This is a nuance firmly protected by the First Amendment.

The foolish complaint “addressed to Navy Medicine West commander Rear Adm. Paul Pearigen” demands that the Bible be taken away from the memorial, a slight to many of those who served and died. The perpetually offended group wants the words “founded as one nation under God” removed, too, even though the founder’s documents spell this out in no uncertain terms.

Here again, it is clear that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is missing the point. Since history shows that America was founded on the precepts of Christ, it can’t be ignored. Sure, others may deny Christ if they wish to, but they should not be allowed to change history.

The group has many other odd demands, however. They want a Japanese translation of the display put up.

The group even wants “appropriate disciplinary measures” taken to those who dared to display the Bible. Those complaining included “sailors, Marines, and Department of Defense civilian employees stationed on the island,” MRFF founder, and president Mikey Weinstein stated.

Still, those offended are free to petition for other displays, but they should never be free to stop any.

Proving how devoid of historical context he is, Weinstein asked, “Why is that Bible there? Can you imagine if somebody put a Quran there, or the book of Satan, or the Book of Mormon? It violates the [First Amendment’s Establishment Clause] as well as DOD and Navy regulations.” What is laughable about this is that none of the works have any less right to be there than the Bible.

If someone wanted to have the Satanic Bible posted, let them post it. There is no law against that, either.

Likely, if this involved a Quran, there would be a different discussion entirely or none at all.

Rather, the attack is based on the fact that Christ, his church, and Christians, in general, are to be silenced while leftist-protected classes are honored by those supporting that agenda.

That is the sad, sad truth.