PUBLISHED: 11:26 PM 28 Nov 2017

“Potential Attack Catastrophic”: Police Arrest Somali “IS Sympathizer” As Holiday Plot Discovered

Authorities of Melbourne, Australia, were pleased to announce that they thwarted a possible terror attack by arresting the man planning the attack against people celebrating the holidays.

Authorities of Melbourne, Australia, were pleased to announce that they thwarted a possible terror attack by arresting the man planning to murder people celebrating the holidays.

The Western world has continued to be enriched by the wonders and joys of Islam as the followers of Allah have spread from their homes in Northern and Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia to every part of the Western world.  Yet, instead of wealth or mutual benefits, the Muslims bring with them their culture of simple disgust for other religions and their desire to dominate the world.  Now, an Australian born to Somali Muslim immigrants has been arrested for his role in planning an attack that targeted Australians enjoying their holidays.

This 20 year old has yet to have his name released but authorities were quick to note that he was indeed involved with ISIS on some level.  They are not quite sure if he just accessed the radicalization material himself through the internet, or if he was groomed or coaxed into sympathizing with the radical Islamic group.

What remains clear is that this man tried to buy a gun to kill as many people as possible as they were celebrating their holidays.

Federation Square was the target for this terrorist as he was hoping to kill as many people as possible who were there celebrating the new year or another holiday that Muslims detest, Christmas.d

How does something like this become preventable when the doors of Western culture and society are opened for third world migrants to try and make a better life and their next generation throws it away by trying to kill other Australians.

It seems safe to say that the man in custody did not consider those to be his countrymen that he was planning to kill as Islam places no laws of man above their own law.  It is possible that this man did not even consider himself the citizen of a nation other than Islam.

The radicalization apparently happened rather quickly as this man has been on the authorities’ watch list for almost a year before he was arrested.  They said that it happened rather quickly and that in the previous months, the activity had been mostly mundane with no clear signs of wanting to kill others.  However, the police and other authorities found tourist maps of the area he planned to attack that were produced by ISIS in order to teach their followers about the choke points of the area and how to use firearms.

ISIS produced much propoganda during their reign of terror. Many were videos or graphics that showed a disgust for anything to do with infidels, but others like the tourist map found with the suspect were used to actually train and carry out attacks.

At its very core, ISIS is the strictest interpretation of Islam and teaches its followers directly from the Quran.  Islam teaches those who will listen that non-Muslims are not truly considered humans and can therefore be treated as such.  This is why Muslims attack infidels because in their eyes they are not doing anything wrong.  Islam gives Muslims a pass to act in whichever way they choose against those who are non-Muslims because their faith is different and therefore they are lesser.

Their treatment of Muslim women is not much better as they are generally treated as property that transfers from the fathers to their new husbands, so long as a just and respectable price is paid.  When it comes to non-Muslim women, they can be treated like actual cattle because they are not human.  That is why so many grooming gangs around both Europe and the United States target non-Muslim women because then their conscious will be clear.

This is the picture of the suspect who was arrested. All that is known is that his parents were Somali migrants, he worked part time in a computer repair shop, and that he was a “quiet guy”

It is a brutal and dangerous religion that is gaining more and more followers around the world and spreading all across the world in what seems to be every direction.  Their culture clash with many in Europe and across the West has resulted in a split decision in that many feel that all cultures need to be valued and protected and others who can recognize and death cult for what it is.

The fact that liberals relentless defend the actions of Muslims who treat women as property and systemically execute homosexuals requires mental gymnastics that can truly make someone’s head spin.

Luckily, this man was investigated and apprehended before any major damage could be done.  The fact that so many now have to be scared as they shop and enjoy time with their families around areas that are decorated for Christmas is unsettling to say the least.  It seems like Christmas is under attack all over the world as events are targeted in Europe, the United States, and Australia that aim to leave many dead and more wounded in an effort to terrorize and intimidate non-Muslims.