Mueller Subpoena Looms

PUBLISHED: 2:59 PM 2 May 2018
UPDATED: 8:45 PM 2 May 2018

Post Reports Mueller Hard Ball, May Subpoena President Trump

The president blasted the ‘leaked’ questions, but Mueller may try to subpoena him.

Mueller threatened to subpoena Trump for interview.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly threatened to subpoena President Donald Trump if he didn’t agree to sit down for a presidential interview with investigators regarding the Russia investigation, according to The Washington Post.

The threat reportedly made John Down, the former lead attorney on Trump’s legal team, so angry that he told Mueller “this isn’t a game.” Dowd knew what Mueller was doing, and warned about trying to take down a sitting president.

“This isn’t some game,” Dowd said at the meeting in March. “You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States.”

Following the intense back-and-forth, Down stepped down from Trump’s legal team. A few weeks later, Trump added former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to his team, who promised to bring the witch hunt to a resolution in the coming weeks.

Perhaps Giuliani’s plan was to arrange for Trump to sit down for an interview with Mueller’s team. But all of that likely went out the window on Tuesday when a list of more than four dozen questions Mueller has for Trump was leaked to the media.

The questions can be viewed here.

The timetable in the last month has become much clearer: Mueller threatened to subpoena Trump in March. When Dowd fired back and issued his own warning to Mueller, it gave the Trump administration something to think about.

Trump wants Mueller’s witch hunt over, and it appears the president and Guiliani believe that may only be possible if Trump submits answers to Mueller’s questions in some form.

Mueller giving Trump’s team a list of 48 questions was an arrogant and smug attempt to set a perjury trap for Trump.

But more importantly, the leaked questions — which likely came from the special counsel’s office — coupled with Mueller’s threat offers an inside look into how investigators are treating Trump.

The liberal media wants people to believe Trump is a crook and that Mueller is a golden boy with a stellar record. Trump has been cooperating with the special counsel’s office for a year, and this is how they treat the president? They threaten and disrespect him?

Was Hillary Clinton ever treated this way? Was she ever threatened or disrespected this way when she was questioned about the many crimes she has committed?

Mueller’s team has no respect for Trump, has been planning to destroy him since James Comey was fired, and the leaks and threats further prove why Trump has every right to be angry with how the special counsel’s office has been treating him.