PUBLISHED: 9:18 PM 15 Feb 2017

Post-Emergency Report Concludes: CA Governor Directed Critical Dam Funds To Programs For Illegals

Preventing Deportations Rather Than Preventing Floods

Preventing Deportations Rather Than Preventing Floods

Preventing Deportations Rather Than Preventing Floods

It is a given that the Democrats have long been trying to own the illegal immigrant vote. President Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton were willing to endanger American citizens by not halting immigration to the United States until better security measures could be implemented for detecting terrorists.

Now as well as dirty bombs and machine guns in the hands of terrorists one can add drowning as a danger to American citizens, as revealed by a Democrat spending money on winning the illegal immigrant vote rather than repairing a collapsing dam.

Despite warnings about the flood danger posed by the Oroville Dam twelve years ago, flaky California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown ignored the warnings in favor of spending $25 billion per year on illegal immigrants.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost as rainstorms later in the week could cause the neglected portion of the dam to dump large amounts of water on downtown Oroville.

But At Least The Immigrants Won’t Be Deported

Brown stands revealed as spending money on unlawful immigrants rather than protecting the more than 20 million farmers and residential consumers the dam provides water to.

Brown’s priorities for illegal immigrants rather than repairing a 50-year-old dam risked the lives of 185,000 people who had to be evacuated on February 12 out of fears by officials that North America’s tallest dam was about to collapse.

Now Brown is under fire for his neglect of protecting American citizens from drowning in exchange for battling hated Donald Trump by protecting illegal immigrants from the president’s intended deportation.

As a result, Brown is having to request from his hated foe emergency funds for finally repairing the long overdue infrastructure of the Oroville Dam.

Former Republican California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has observed Brown’s long-term refusals to repair the dam.

“What’s Governor Brown doing?,” the former assemblyman-turned-talk-show-host asked on Monday.  “The same thing he’s been doing for decades–obstructing progress.”

As a result the small government Republican Donnelly is urging the big government Democrat Brown to use the government to fix the problem.

Brown and his fellow Democrats, according to Donnelly, have “been so busy defying President Donald Trump in order to protect illegal aliens from deportation that it forgot to do the things government is supposed to do, like maintain infrastructure.”

Donnelly appreciates the irony of Brown “now going hat-in-hand to beg the Trump administration for emergency funds.”

Emergency workers on Monday saw firsthand evidence of the 12-year neglect.  Acting director of the state Department of Water Resources Bill Croyle, said at a news conference on February 14, that emergency workers were confronted with a 250 foot long, 170 foot wide and 40 to 50 foot deep hole in the main concrete spillway of the dam.  They stopped draining water out of the lake to see if the hole could be fixed.

Croyle said, “We determined we could not fix the hole.”

Unable to stop the flow from one part of the dam, workers instead had to divert the flow down a crippled main spillway that would further damage the dam.

It Could Have Been Averted

It Could Have Been Averted

Although the water receded from the lake and thus didn’t go over the dam walls, the danger is not over from the anciently-constructed dam.

On Monday, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said that water level has to be reduced 50 percent to make room for the next round of storms later in the week.  Otherwise citizens will be confronted with the dam overflowing.

But all of this could have averted had Brown and the Democrat-dominated California state government had listened to environmental groups years ago.

Twelve years ago, several environmental groups–the constituency the Democratic Party claims to represent–warned the California state government that the Oroville Dam was eventually going to erode to the point where it would collapse.

Unable to convince the state government, the groups went to a federal commission to order the state to “armor or otherwise reconstruct” the holes in the dam.  The state government ignored this request.

Governor Brown, who has only been in office since 2011, can’t lay blame at those who refused to listen 12 years ago.  As the dam continued to erode on his watch, Brown, in a smug sense of entitlement typical of his Democratic  Party, demanded that California get its share of the $1 trillion in money Trump promised to spend on the nation’s infrastructure.

“I fully embrace and will strive to make sure that California gets 12 percent,” the governor said, pointing out that’s roughly California’s share of the U.S. population. “We have certainly $120 billion that we can spend it on wisely.”

Repairs for the Oroville Dam, however, were not on Brown’s wish list Now, under fire, Brown has become a “convert” for fixing the dam.

But, to no doubt the delight of Republicans, Brown is having to respectfully approach the only one person who can grant disaster relief: President Donald Trump.

And now Brown’s rebellion against Trump may endanger getting the emergency funds.

As a result, many California Republicans are scrambling to get the president to forget the now self-destructive political theater Brown waged against Trump.

Brown’s use of taxpayer money for illegal immigrants over protecting law-abiding citizens is one of the reasons the Democratic Party is so broken.  Political correctness has run so amok on behalf of a Democratic Party intent on gaining the allegiance of what they consider a voter-rich constituency that they are trampling on the safety of ordinary Americans.

As always, when those who care to follow the money with regard to Democrats, one finds, not an even distribution of it, but a concentration of money on the current interest group they want to court.  Today it’s illegal immigrants, but that can be taken away if other constituencies prove more numerous to Democrats.