Pope Blasts “Fake News” Satan

PUBLISHED: 2:23 AM 27 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 2:25 AM 27 Jan 2018

Pope Claims “Fake News” Equals Snake Tactics, People Fed “Wrong Information By Satan”

He said it was a worm that uses “false and alluring” information and spread “baseless ideas”

What 'fake news' does he mean?

Depending on who is asked, the term “fake news” has either been used to describe liberal bias that is the majority of news sources, or it is a term for press that is ‘inconvenient’ to President Trump. To Pope Francis, it is the primary evil in society, as he compares it to the serpent in the Garden of Eden that persuaded Eve to first sin.

Pope Francis does not openly specify the type of fake news that he is referring to, in failing to provide specific examples of such “snake tactics.” He puts blame on journalists and social media users for producing and circulating unverified claims that “serve political and economic interests.”

Continuing that the serpent that is fake news is serving Satan, the Pope is possibly making an analogy to President Trump, as he has recently supported many liberal efforts to the dismay of the Catholic church.

Additionally, conservative ‘fake news’ has been said repeatedly to have resulted in President Trump’s election.

Pope Francis insisted that such widespread news is caused by “intolerance and hypersensitive attitudes” in a piece titled “The Truth Will Set You Free – Fake News And Journalism For Peace” in honor of World Day of Social Communications on May 13, celebrated annually by the Catholic church since 1967.

He continues that fake news takes advantage of “social prejudices” and fails to consider larger issues in society, essentially mandating that journalists also act as social justice activists, calling it “not just a job, [but] a mission.” While admirable, that is not actual reporting when citizens turn to media outlets for news.

In his quest for “education for truth,” Pope Francis says that society must work to uncover the sources of such false information and stop them, or least not feed into rumors.

Conservatives have been more vocal in the past couple years, which arguably may have helped win the election by not letting Democrats monopolize the media and political conversations.

The increase in conservative media is in response to decades of being silenced by a double standard under which liberals can have the last word and protest disrespectfully but Republican messages are immediately considered hateful.

Perhaps guilty of being one of the main culprits in the liberal fake news, even CNN has commented on the Pope’s recent declaration, pointing the blame back to President Trump, whose actions, one journalist, Chris Cillizza, claims, have a “ripple effect around the world.”

If the Pope is referring to conservative media in his testimony, then Republican Catholics can see that such media is the only hope for truth in news. Liberal media condemning President Trump and advocating for immoralities such as abortion are brain-washing minds globally, making conservatives question their ‘prejudiced’ beliefs.

Since becoming the leader of the Catholic church in 2013, Pope Francis has vocalized several liberal opinions, indicating that he is condemning conservative media sources in his fake news accusations.

While not all public figures will hold every view expected of them, it is important for the Pope to align his teachings with the religion that he represents.

He has, however, failed to do this in publicly announcing his approval of homosexuality which is obviously condemned by the Church, thus gaining popularity from liberals.

Last year, the Pontiff also awarded a prestigious knighthood honor to an abortion activist who raised funding for abortions globally.

On Christmas last year, feminists protested while topless and attempted to steal baby Jesus from the manger display at the Vatican. While it should have been seen as a personal attack, Pope Francis remained notably silent about the issue when he could have used the incident as a way to address indecent protesting.

Pope Francis’ recent claims about the news are not the first of his comments on such. He has commented on alleged fake news when media outlets tried to claim he supported Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, with another source claiming that he was for President Trump.

Liberal sites such as Google and Facebook are to blame for these stories, as they are circulated them on larges scales, reaching audiences before websites had time to ‘fact check.’

While the Pope claims that alleged fake news “spreads fear,” is arguably necessary that conservatives continue to falsify liberal lies that have become realities to many. He calls the serpent’s message in the Garden of Eden the ‘first news,’ which is arguably a stretch.

Conservative news outlets will not discontinue reporting the news as seen from the more logical side of the political spectrum, regardless of how much the Pope condemns it.