Dictator Safe

PUBLISHED: 7:12 PM 15 May 2018

Pompeo Explains No North Korea Regime Change

He spoke with journalists after the second meeting with Kim Jong-Un.

North Korea will not have to worry about regime change, a major concern of Kim Jong-un, according to the Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has “implied” that America “will have to assure North Korea it won’t seek to undermine its leader Kim Jong-un,according to RT. Since no one will approach the bargaining table if they feel that rockets are going to remove them from power, this surprising demand is logical from the standpoint of the D.P.R.K. Though hard to concede to, these assurances are needed to forge a peace.

We will have to provide security assurances to be sure. This has been the trade-off that has been pending for 25 years,” admitted Pompeo to Fox News last Sunday. This was said just days after he returned from the often abusive “Kimdom” when leaders in the N.K. met with the new Secretary of State.

It is also only weeks before the meeting between the dictatorship and President Donald Trump.

Yes, the U.S. spoke of raining “fire and fury” down on North Korea only last winter. Mr. Trump has called the leader “rocket man” and even a “madman,” but this was the language that Kim understood and used himself.

No president has ever put America in a position where the North Korean leadership thought that this was truly possible that the Americans would actually do this, would lead to the place where America was no longer held at risk by the North Korean regime,” Pompeo clarified.

Still, is the U.S. willing to forget about human rights abuses too severe to even document without a warning on the article? No, but Uncle Sam does seem willing to back-burner those issues for the greater good.

Look, we’ll have to see how the negotiations proceed. But make no mistake about it: America’s interest here is preventing the risk that North Korea will launch a nuclear weapon into L.A. or Denver or to the very place we are sitting here this morning, Chris,” added Pompeo as he spoke to the Fox host.

The plan seems to be make peace first, honoring the sovereign right of the D.P.R.K. and then tackle other issues later. No one expected the relationship to come this far only months ago, so there is no reason to suggest that after the handshakes and flashbulbs, something can’t be done to better the communist country’s human rights record.

After all, aid will likely be going to N.K. as they find peace with the world, and the strings will be “treat the people better,” which Kim Jong-un should be able to do.

The plan is not so bad.

The aid will not be coming from taxpayers, a blessing that Mr. Trump has already promised the American people. The leader of North Korea is no fool and he understands all of this, according to Pompeo. “The conversations are professional. He knows — he knows his brief, he knows what he is trying to achieve for the North Korean people,” he stated.

As for the Fox interview that was taking place, the Secretary of State declared that Kim Jong-un “will probably watch the show at some point.”

French President Emmanuel Macron shocked the world last week when he found the dastardly leader to be “very open and very honorable.” Likewise, when Kim Jong-un agreed to allow U.S. and other journalists in to see the nuclear program being taken apart, Mr. Trump gave the leader his personal “thanks.” He also said that the move was “a very smart and gracious gesture.”

Trump is more worried about peace than a peace prize, but as chants for “NOBEL! NOBEL!” ring with force at his speeches and world leaders are whispering about it non-stop, that may be the outcome, as the Root has written.

Regardless, as long as mushroom clouds do not appear over any U.S or North Korean cities, history will give America’s leader all of the praise that he needs. That, more than anything, is vindication enough.