“Czechout”: Will Another Country Leave The EU?

PUBLISHED: 12:15 AM 31 Jan 2018

Politicians Reelection Raises EU Fears Of “Czexit”

The EU is falling apart and they are scrambling to find a solution.

With Euro-Skeptic Miloš Zeman being re-elected, it gives new life to dreams of Europeans who wish to rule themselves rather than globalists in Brussels making the decisions. "Czexit" now a possibility.

The nations of Europe are in a dire fight for their very survival. Their leaders in the European Union have sold them to the highest bidder and are refusing to hear what many have to say.

Nations are looking more towards right-wing populism as the globalist leaders of the EU are more interested in keeping Muslims happy than they are Europeans. Now that the right-wing populist leader of the Czech Republic has been re-elected, many are eagerly awaiting to see if the possibility of “Czexit” will take place.

The United Kingdom began the craze when their sovereign people decided that enough was enough. No longer were they going to be told that all of the histories evils were their fault while their population and culture was being replaced.  They voted exit for all the world to hear that things were not as peachy and keen as many would like the world to believe.

The same resurgence of nationalism is taking place across Central and Eastern Europe. The European people are tired of being told what to do by those who are looking to replace them.  The Visegrad Group, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, are acting as barriers against the tyranny that has manifested inside the European Union.

Globalists with foreign incentives have refused to stop the flow of dangerous refugees from the third world despite protests and divisions taking place.

They are more worried about growing resistance to their globalist policies than actual migrant rape gangs pillaging European villages.

The Czech Republic’s re-elected President, Miloš Zeman, ran on an anti-Muslim platform that propelled him into the presidency.

The people of Europe are tired of reading about their Western and Baltic neighbors being raped and stabbed to death by the very people that the globalists refuse to see any problems with.

His being reelected is an incredible step in the right direction for all of Europe to see. There are still those that do not want uncheck mass migration from Muslim nations because Muslim culture is incompatible with other cultures.

This truth has been made clear time and time again as they look for more and more ways to victimize themselves as minorities and gain special protections.

This is true across the nations of the world and yet Muslim majority nations refuse to protect the rights of non-Muslims.

It is a culture that is being imported by globalists to ensure future voters or future compliance. The progressives and globalists do not actually care about the things they say they do because if they cared about women’s rights then they would outlaw Islam.

Islam allows for women to be treated as property and allows for grown men to purchase children to marry and rape. Neither of these very basic principles of Islam coincides with anything Western civilization has strived to establish and yet more and more Muslims are being ushered in regardless.

There is a real problem developing in Europe as the streets are no longer safe and women no longer feel secure. European police have effectively lost control over portions of cities and yet the globalists want to pretend the populists are the problem.

Well, they might be right. Populists are the greatest threat that faces the globalists in power of the European Union. They represent the way things could be without criminals in control or repopulation efforts.

Populists and Euro-skeptics like Zeman offer something real that the globalists can never stiffen. The offer a change that does not seek to blame anyone for the faults of the past nor replace populations with religious zealots that can be easily manipulated.

Populism offers the people of the world to try for themselves. Take a chance and see what happens. If the policies fail then they fail but if they work then that would be the greatest event.

The world was told time and time again by “experts” that the United States President Donald Trump’s economic plans were never going to work but actually cripple the global economy.

Populism is going to allow people to try for themselves rather than listen to the same voices from the same institutions trying to tell the people how things are going to be.

It is time for the people of Europe to think for themselves and decide whether populism is right for them, besides, it’s not like the EU is going to tell them it is good.