Italian Candidate Makes Deportation Promise

PUBLISHED: 1:40 AM 30 Jan 2018

Politician Makes Promise To Deport Migrants If Elected

This may make him more popular with many but it could also backfire.

If Matteo Salvini, migrants in Italy will be deported.

Italy has been inundated with hundreds of thousands of migrants from third world countries in recent years.

Candidate for Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, has big plans to reverse this, promising to deport 100,000 migrants in his first year if he is elected and half a million during his potential five-year term in office. A plan the liberals in Italy call racist.

Salvini has gained popularity and his party’s campaign, Lega Nord currently only lags two percentage points in the polls with his closest competitor Forza Italia, whose leader is ineligible to serve due to his prior conviction for tax evasion.

Hundreds of thousands of third world migrants have been jumping in boats and washing up on Italian shores. The boats are often extremely overcrowded and filled with mostly men of fighting age who abandon their people and homelands to leech off of the great societies built and maintained by Europeans.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have been helping these African migrants make their journey, and have rescued countless ships the migrants overloaded. The Italian government has also engaged in rescue operations for these migrants which has only emboldened more hordes of Africans to make the trip.

Last week, Salvini is quoted, “There are half a million irregular migrants in Italy. All of them need to be sent home.”

Salvini is also very critical of the European Union and the bureaucracy which has implemented several policies that have been severely detrimental to the Italian people.

Salvini is fond of President Trump and has recently praised the new tax plan President Trump implemented in the United States.

The European Union has forced Italy to take in and provide for masses of third world migrants. The migrants have not been able to adequately provide for themselves, which has forced millions of Italians to financially support the third world invaders.

Italian social welfare programs, originally set up to help Italians in need, is being drained by the masses of African migrants.

Polls in Italy have shown that the third world invasion has left Italians fearing for their safety. Migrants are committing horrific crimes, many of them going around in gangs raping women.

These migrants now make up eight percent of the population of Italy yet are committing in excess of 40 percent of the rapes, indicating they are five times more likely to rape women than Italian men.

Beyond poverty and savage rape, migrants are also bringing over diseases from Africa. An Italian child recently died after she contracted malaria after being in the hospital with African migrants. Malaria was eradicated from Italy almost half a century ago, and now migrants have brought the deadly disease back to the Italians.

The migrants the European Union has forced Italy to take in have had a devastating impact on the nation. The European Union made a catastrophic mistake when they forced member states to accept the third world invasion. However, some states like Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic have not complied with demands from the European Union.

Those states who have not participated in welcoming huge populations of third world migrants into their countries are not suffering from increased violence, rape, and other crime. Their social safety nets also remain intact because they have not been pillaged by third world foreign national invaders.

Salvini is being attacked by the Italian media, but it seems the media may have lost control of the narrative, as support for his party has more than doubled since 2015 and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Italians becoming aware of the scheme by the European Union and globalist elites to dispossess them of their nation, and deprive their children of their birthright are fleeing more conventional parties in droves for those on the right.

Salvini is only a small part of the political revolution occurring at the moment in Europe. Every country in the union has seen a massive uptick in nationalism as the support for migrants and immigration has simultaneously plummeted.

The European Union bureaucracy is losing control as this new sentiment takes hold. When questioned about potential sanctions the European Union could place on Italy for deporting the massive population of foreign invaders, Salvini told the interviewer on television, “Europe can go f**k itself…European measure are the last thing I am interested in.”

Italians are set to hold their election on March 4, and Salvini, in a joint manifesto with two other right-wing leaders, has the most support according to polls, and will likely cease governing power from those who have done so much damage to the nation.