Elementary Ax Attack

PUBLISHED: 12:05 AM 1 Mar 2018

Police Stop Ax Wielding Woman from Attacking Las Vegas Elementary School

A Las Vegas woman tried to attack an elementary school with an ax.

Police thwart ax attack.

Police officers arrested a disturbed woman after she stormed a Las Vegas elementary school with an ax and said she was going to “murder everyone.”

North Las Vegas police arrested Kisstal Killough on Wednesday after responding to a call that she was climbing the school fence while holding a pick ax.

School officials in Nevada said they noticed the 33-year-old woman sprinting toward the school with the ax and feared for their safety.

Police immediately apprehended Killough and took her into custody before she was able to enter the school where hundreds of children were located.

“The woman did not harm anyone or cause any damage to the school,” said Tom Williams Elementary School Principal Kristie Cole.

Cole said Killough had no affiliation with the school and didn’t know why the woman wanted to murder everyone.

Cole said she was very appreciative that the North Las Vegas police officers were able to respond so quickly given the severity of the situation.

Police reportedly arrived on the scene within one minute after receiving the call.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Killough sitting atop the fence with the ax firmly in her hand.

“She was screaming and yelling that she was gonna kill everybody,” said Eric Leavitt, a North Las Vegas Police Department officer.

Despite her insane attempt to potentially carry out a deadly attack, she complied with officers when they arrived on the scene without any resistance.

She’s being held at the Las Vegas Detention Center and is charged with four different crimes. One of the most severe charges is assault with a deadly weapon.

This is just another reminder about the importance of police officers and their heroism to risk their own lives to ensure others are safe.

Had they not responded so quickly, there could have been a much different outcome.

Source: Breitbart