PUBLISHED: 8:14 PM 18 Jan 2018

Police Station “No-Go Zone” Bombed, Two Dead As Attack Is Latest In Muslim Target

Martin Walsh by

Sweden police fear they have lost control to the migrants.

Sweden police fear they have lost control to the migrants.

After accepting tens of thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees from the Middle East, the Swedish government was bombed Wednesday night by Muslim migrants who live in “no-go” zones.

The police station is reportedly located in a migrant ghetto in Rosengård, a neighborhood engulfed with hundreds of radicals that have carried out numerous attacks against Swedish citizens and law enforcement officials in recent years.

There weren’t any reported injuries from the bombing, but several vehicles belonging to police officers were destroyed as well as part of the police station from the explosion.

Partially released surveillance footage of the police station showed a man near the station prior to the attack, which led officers to the migrant neighborhood.

Police have arrested two Muslim migrants so far, and are investigating how these radical Islamic terrorists were able to gain access to the explosives they likely used to carry out the attack.

Migrants in Sweden have destroyed the city since arriving in recent years.

Last week, it was reported that Sweden warned its citizens to prepare for terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and war – suggesting they have completely lost control over the city amid the growing Muslim migrant crisis.

The chilling warning comes after a dramatic increase in crime and violence have plagued many parts of Europe since the hundreds of thousands of refugees came from the Middle East.

Given that nations like Sweden failed to respond to the dramatic uptick in crime and violence from radical Islamic terrorists, Sweden is now paying the ultimate price.

Sweden’s crippling condition encapsulates why President Donald Trump has been keenly focused on utterly destroying these terrorists and preventing as many as possible from infiltrating the U.S.

While liberals claim nothing is happening in Europe with Muslim migrants carrying out dangerous attacks, Sweden has all but admitted it has lost the ability to govern given it has been overtaken by migrants.

Source: InfoWars