“Youth” Riot In Paris Streets

PUBLISHED: 12:39 AM 3 Feb 2018

Police Shooting Gives Reason To Riot, Media Will Not Report Identities

The shooting looks justified. In addition, these rioters are called youth but they really aren’t.

Police in Paris are dealing with the same kinds of riots seen in the U.S.

There are so many people in the U.S. who seem to think that the nations and citizens in the E.U. are so much more sophisticated than us here that it boggles the mind. The truth of the matter is that every nation has similar problems and it is how they are dealt with that separates the wheat from the chaff.

In Paris, France, the “suburb of Villeneuve-la-Garenne has been rocked by several nights of rioting and violence against police officers” after they were forced to shoot a man who attacked “motorcycle police” last Friday.  During a traffic stop, the driver fled and hit a police officer in the process, Breitbart News confirms.

Maybe things are different in France, but in the U.S., the police certainly do pull over and ticket far too many people. Even with that being painfully true, even if Paris does suffer the same injustices, handling the problem with such actions won’t help anybody.

After the getaway attempt, the driver was “shot in the elbow, leg, and hip before being arrested in neighboring Gennevilliers,according to Le Parisien.

It has been established that the French rioters can be as totally brainless as U.S. rioters, however. While being angry at the police is one thing, these thugs attacked firemen who had come to stop a blaze from potentially killing people and destroying property! Who protests the fire department?

More fires were lit Monday and a bus full of innocent people was attacked, too. As it stands, the “oh so sophisticated French” don’t seem to have any more sense of how to bring about change than us lowly Americans. Even if one’s argument is right, these actions won’t prove it, bring change, or invite new members to fight for the cause.

Deputy mayor of Villeneuve-la-Garenne Abdel Ait Omar has said that the man shot has no criminal past and was called a “young Boubacar.” That may, in fact, be the case. However, at the point that he used his car as a battering ram was the day that he developed a criminal record! 

Since the man was shot ten times, Omar opined, “One thing is certain… self-defense, which is not proven in this case, rings in the head of some officials like the freedom to kill.

While it is never a wise idea to give authority too much power in any country, what were the police to do? The driver was clearly in the middle of quite a bit of traffic and who knows what anger may have spawned this man do as he was leaving the scene?

Police can be wrong and the job that they are given often comes into conflict with what many feels is just. That means that free nations have courts, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and much more at our disposal.

Instead of getting hard with the local fire department, maybe those options should be tried.

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