Vaccine Leads To ICU

PUBLISHED: 5:48 PM 15 Oct 2021
UPDATED: 5:59 PM 15 Oct 2021

Police Sergeant In ICU After COVID Vaccine

Don't get this deadly vaccine

We don't know what's in it. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The number of ‘adverse’ reactions to the deadly COVID vaccine continues to grow. One sergeant is in ICU after he was forced to get it.

Citizen Free Press reported:

A 19-year police veteran in the ICU after receiving the J&J shot on Friday. Fellow officers say they are more fearful than ever over Charlie Baker’s Oct. 17 mandate to be vaccinated or face being fired.

“Several state troopers are concerned,” said attorney William Gens, whose Boston law firm was hired to represent a group of state police. “This is a highly disturbing incident.”

Gens said the vaccine mandate has left the troopers with no choice but to be a “lab rat” and take the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine. A trooper said the sick sergeant is “a gentleman. A good man. Everyone is hoping for the best for him. This should never have happened.”

City of Boston suspends 812 employees.