PUBLISHED: 9:17 PM 13 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 11:08 PM 13 Nov 2017

Police Rush To Scene As Florida Man Arrested, Dangerous Items Discovered In House

This man was building a weapon of mass destruction according to authorities.

This man was building a weapon of mass destruction according to authorities.

This man was building a weapon of mass destruction according to authorities.

Sometimes, people are simply unable to deal with the anger. People see the evil around them and how simple it would be to fix our lives a million fold by changing one or two things that they snap. They become rotten and they are no longer championing the solutions but becoming a part of the problem themselves.

That is the case of Christopher Langer, 31, who “told officials he was anti-government and wanted to hurt first responders.” In his home, explosives that could inflict a “significant destruction and loss of life ” were found, Fox News reports.  A little after 4 p.m. last Sunday, as he was fighting with his parents, he exclaimed that “he placed explosive substances in a grenade.” He is said to have been on the way to making a weapon of mass destruction.

Volusia Sheriff Michael Chitwood said, “It was a tale of two homes. When you first walk in, you say, ‘I can’t believe someone is in here making bombs.’ And then you go into his room, which is [so] absolutely deplorable that if I was a roach I wouldn’t want to live in that room.”

He added, “That was how despicable, feces and urine-filled, that room was.”

At the start, Langer lied to authorities and said that he did not have a grenade. He then admitted that he tossed it outside and led police to it. If someone had happened onto it, the results could have been deadly. Only a paperclip was used as a pin to prevent the weapon from going off, but he seems to have done it correctly, frighteningly enough.

Over 200 containers were found inside of the dwelling and they contained powders and acids that are as of yet unverified. It is known that “nitric acid, sulfuric acid, sulfur” and other materials were present. Disgustingly enough, most of the containers contained human waste, not the concoctions for bombs that police had at first feared.

However, two more explosives were found and a fourth is being looked into as a possible bomb as well. With it was a SpongeBob lunchbox which was booby-trapped and it looked as if Langer was trying to build a delivery system for his weapons, as well.

The fact that the man could pull off bombmaking without blowing up his whole home is quite a feat considering that first responders (who he wanted to kill) had saved his life only a week ago when he overdosed on heroin. Magic mushrooms and pot were also found at the home.

This man was building bombs while on heroin.

This man was building bombs while on heroin.

Langer told the bomb squad that he is firmly “anti-government, against the system and was looking to ‘get even’ by harming first responders,” in a confession that soon will haunt him in court. He had a white mask which is “associated with a group,” most likely a Guy Fawkes mask. If so, it is a shame to see the mask so ill-used.

The bomb maker was “arrested on charges of making and possessing a destructive device,” though other charges may well be on the way and is being held on $5,000 bond.

Hopefully, once clean from heroin and away from his own urine filled home, he will be far less dangerous if and when he gets released. If not, no one anywhere near him can be said to be safe in the event that his next concoction goes off while being created.

Source: Fox News