Report: Antifa Planned Violence

PUBLISHED: 2:34 PM 31 Jan 2018

Police Have Released Their Report, Antifa Violence At Anti-Trump Rally Was Planned

They weren’t defending themselves!

Domestic terrorists calling themselves "Antifa" turned the streets of Phoenix, Arizona into an urban chemical warfare battleground.

Last August, liberal domestic terrorists calling themselves “Antifa turned the streets of Phoenix, Arizona into an urban chemical warfare battleground.

President Trump’s rally at the Convention Center was intentionally targeted by imported professional rabble-rousers for staged and designed violence and mayhem.

According to the shocking police report that was released, the improvised weapons and protective gear the radicals packed along are evidence of “a pre-planned effort to disrupt the event.”

This was no ordinary protest. Phoenix police were on the alert for trouble in the wake of violence at a conservative political rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. A protest over a Civil War monument ended in tragedy when “one right-wing activist ran over a woman with his truck, killing her.” Antifa had vowed to get even.

Chief Jeri Williams told her officers going in she wanted them to focus on doing their job and stay in control. “I personally briefed the officers hitting the ground to be professional, decisive, and immediately responsive.”

Signs and barricades were strategically placed and there was a huge police presence. The thermometer topped out at 108 degrees that day and as the sun started sinking, the political heat was on a slow simmer.

While President Trump was inside, calling out Arizona’s Senators for the RINO’s they are, and vowing to pardon Sheriff Joe, one group of protesters outside was doing their best to start trouble.

The police report notes that “officers were in regular contact with members of Antifa,” explaining that “Antifa” is an umbrella group “composed of several so-called anti-fascist groups around the country.”

As the evening progressed, “they were given warnings to demonstrate peacefully” but they didn’t listen. “The group would not respond to police communications.”

Things remained relatively quiet until someone gave the signal to line up. Across the street from the building hosting Trump’s rally, “15 to 20 members of the group gathered behind signs placed along fencing.”

When they started pulling things out of bags, the cops called in a chopper for air support. “A police helicopter was called in to investigate after officers allegedly saw members removing unknown items from bags.”

“Leave the area,” police ordered. Instead of complying, Antifa members started pulling wooden supports off the signs they were attached to and using them as crowbars to pry up the fences. Officers were ordered to “fire pepper balls at the group’s feet to disperse them.”

As the left-wing agitators faded into the crowd, “officers reported a sharp increase in the number of objects being thrown at them.” Objects like rocks and frozen water bottles.

A grenade, likely containing tear gas, was lobbed out of the crowd. Officers responded by “firing smoke grenades.” The idea was to clear the area by dropping smoke rounds in front of the provocateurs.

Antifa was prepared, they came ready for action. “Several Antifa group members donned gas masks and/or other face coverings indicating a pre-planned effort to disrupt the event,” the report states.

Instead of leaving, the group intensified their actions. “The individuals believed to be tied to the Antifa group reached over and through the fence and began kicking and throwing police-deployed smoke munitions from Monroe Street.” They threw them back at police.

As a barrage of heavy objects continued to be hurled at authorities, the police were instructed to get out the tear gas. Antifa threw those canisters back at the cops too. Police responded with “pepper balls, foam rounds, and sting balls.”

The city’s well-trained officers took control of the situation, safely and efficiently, by forming two lines and clearing the area. With only one minor skirmish a few blocks away, the final groups of protesters were chased away as the rally wrapped up.

Chief Williams said, all in all, it was a success. “Nobody died, and there was no major property damage,” She notes.

Chief Williams is happy the officers didn’t have to wade into a crowd and make mass arrests. That does not look good on T.V.

“When we think about the optics of policing, the optics of officers going hands-on with anybody in that crowd without us being sure and having probable cause to arrest, that’s not a good optic.” Disbursing a crowd is always the safest option, she explains.

Later, Antifa activist “Camacho” posted a video selfie from the hospital bed he was handcuffed to. “He shows his bandaged head and an ice pack on his groin. Footage from police surveillance cameras and television broadcasts shows police fired a canister of white powder that stuck Camacho in what he called his ‘tiddledywinks.'”

Of course, the ACLU is screaming bloody murder. “The Phoenix Police Department indiscriminately used chemical agents and other violent tactics on protesters,” ACLU Staff Attorney Darrell Hill whines.

Hill Ignores the fact the protesters were throwing frozen water bottles and had gas masks on, not to mention they had chemical weapons of their own.

“The police cannot simply decide that they want to shut down a peaceful protest because they think it’s time for everyone to go home. That violates the First Amendment,” Hill complains.