PUBLISHED: 8:24 PM 2 Feb 2017

Police Forced To Do It…Pull The Alarm For Code Red As Journalists Literally Spark Full-On Riots

Police Forces Across The Nation Are Ready To Go To War

Police Forces Across The Nation Are Ready To Go To War

Police Forces Across The Nation Are Ready To Go To War

It’s been a troubling two years. Since the presidential campaign went into motion in 2015, America’s deep fractures have been at the forefront of public consciousness. The election season was the most divisive that most of us can remember, marked by riots, assaults, terror attacks, and police killings.

Most of us assumed the trouble would die down after the election, as democrats gradually moved on to the “acceptance” stage of grief. And when they once again declared war on the city streets, during the Washington D.C. presidential inauguration, the most generous among us were still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. The inauguration was their “one last hurrah” we hopefully told ourselves.

Instead of calming tensions and working to find common ground with Trump supporters, the Left has doubled-down on their strategy of reaping chaos and destruction. While the shock troops on the ground are looting, rioting, burning, smashing, and attacking — as we saw at UC Berkeley on Wednesday — their “thought leaders” from academia, to journalism, to government, are sponsoring and inciting their efforts.

Journalist Nesrine Malik, an “Arab-German” filmmaker, goes on rant against free speech in the UK Guardian.

The events at Berkeley stand out as a particularly stark reminder of how infantile and hypocritical the Left has become. It is likely that February 1st 2017 will go down in the future history books as the high-water mark of leftist hypocrisy, and the turning point in their doomed culture war. Students in future classrooms will be chuckling at the irony of UC Berkeley, former cradle of the free speech movement, producing a student body so indoctrinated that they rioted at the presence of a gay conservative speaker.

Milo Yiannopolous, Breitbart editor and charismatic New Right icon, had been schedule to deliver a presentation on the final stop of his national college tour. Like many other events held at the university, Milo’s speech was sponsored by a student group (the Berkeley College Republicans) to take place after hours, and attendance was purely voluntary. The group paid an exorbitant security fee to the school due to threats from left-wing activists.

Berkeley Students Start Street Fires In Protest Of Conservative Speaker

Berkeley Students Start Street Fires In Protest Of Conservative Speaker

When Milo had already entered the lecture hall where he was to speak, leftist thugs surrounded the building and began chanting, throwing rocks, starting fires, and smashing windows. The threat level became so high that Milo was forced to cancel his appearance and be escorted from the premises under protection of his security detail and the Berkeley police.

In a Facebook Live video, Yiannopoulos described what happened as “an expression of political violence.”

“I’m just stunned that hundreds of people … were so threatened by the idea that a conservative speaker might be persuasive, interesting, funny and might take some people with him, they have to shut it down at all costs.”

President Trump took note of the appalling scene at UC Berkeley and blasted them with a tweet-bomb:

Flattered by his presidential backup, Milo piled on:

“American universities are on notice. The President is watching,” he wrote. “The days you could silence conservative and libertarian voices on campus and still expect to collect their tax money are coming to an end.”

CNN reporters were able to find one man present that disagreed with the protests — a foreign student from India. Shivam Patel, a freshman at the exclusive university, held a higher reverence for America’s founding ideals than the pampered protesters:

“It’s a sad irony in the fact that the Free Speech Movement was founded here and tonight, someone’s free speech got shut down. It might have been hateful speech, but it’s still his right to speak,” said Patel.

“It allows people on the right to say, ‘Look at all these liberal Berkeley snowflakes. They’re intolerant of speech.’ I don’t think it’s productive at all. It does nothing to help this country.”

Just as disturbing as these violent outbreaks, is the fact that they are being excused, and even advocated, by the mainstream establishment. The rhetoric from the Left has quickly shifted from “peace, love and free speech” to “violence is a reasonable response to the Right.”

Ever since Richard Spencer, a writer and speaker from the “alt-right”, was punched in the head at the inauguration by a masked assailant, the Left has used that event as a springboard to advocate violence.

Video of Spencer’s assault spread quickly through social media, with many leftists praising the action and urging more of the same.

Their rationale is that Spencer is a “Nazi,” and as such, he can’t be reasoned with so violence is the only answer.

There are a few problems with that. First off, the New Left Thought Police like to use vaguely defined terms like “Nazi” and “bigot” and “hate.” These words have flexible definitions depending on who’s using them and what year it is. A Christian who shuns gays is a bigot — but a gay who shuns Christians is not a bigot. Confused? That’s okay, so are we. But if you’re going to attack people on the basis of these labels, you should probably define them clearly. In the video, Spencer is punched just seconds after he emphatically states to an off-screen heckler “NO, I am not a Neo-Nazi!”

It doesn’t matter what you say if the Left is determined to pigeonhole you.

Secondly, according to these vague terms, President Trump qualifies as a Nazi, even though they cannot point to a single thing he has said or done that validates this claim. So under the current liberal logic, it would be okay to assault President Trump, because he’s a Nazi, a fascist, or a racist. Sounds like a witch hunt to me.

And third, violence only begets more violence. If the Left wants to short-circuit the dialog and move into direct physical conflict, they are opening a Pandora’s Box that they may dearly regret touching. It doesn’t matter what a man’s ideas are if he is not harming anyone. There’s no justification for shutting down free expression in America — and attempts to do so have historically led to bloodshed.

Voters are just an inch from saying “enough is enough.” All it will take is a couple more attacks or riots, and the majority of people will be convinced that these America-hating saboteurs must be stopped by extraordinary means. If they keep it up, they can expect the National Guard showing up to enforce order at their next pity party.

If This Nonsense Continues, Somebody's Going To Get Hurt!

If This Nonsense Continues, Somebody’s Going To Get Hurt!

If they decide to attack the neighborhoods of peaceful, law-abiding citizens, they can expect the 2nd Amendment to make its thunderous voice heard in response.

Once the Left has lost public sympathy, they’ve lost the war. All that remains is the cleanup. And that is right about where we’re at today.