PUBLISHED: 9:29 PM 27 Nov 2017

Police Forced To Make Insane Arrest As Details Of Accident Revealed, Mystery Deepens

Several days ago, police officers in Washington arrested a naked 23-year-old man after he crashed his car into a tree while having sex behind the wheel (pictured above).


Several days ago, police officers in Washington arrested a naked 23-year-old man after he crashed his car into a tree while having sex behind the wheel (pictured above).

Just recently, a naked 23-year-old man was arrested by police in Washington for crashing his car into a tree while having sex behind the wheel. To make matters worse, at the time of the incident, there was a young child in the back seat. Needless to say, this was something that made police officers question everything.


Specifically, officers with the Washington State Patrol responded to a call several days ago about a car that had crashed into a tree. Upon arriving, they found the driver of the wrecked car, Michael Tonkin, with a female passenger, who was later identified as 23-year-old Daisy Laroque.

Michael Tonkin was recently taken into custody after he crashed into a tree because he became too distracted while engaging in sexual intercourse as he drove.


After investigating further, officers learned that the two had reportedly been engaged in sexual intercourse as Tonkin drove down the highway. Unsurprisingly, the act was too distracting and he ended up missing a curve. As a result, the car he was driving veered off the highway and slammed headfirst into a tree.

Following the crash, witnesses told investigators that when they climbed out of the car, both were allegedly completely naked. Officers mentioned that while speaking with them, they also appeared to be under the influence of something.

Shockingly, in addition to Tonkin and Laroque, there was also a 3-month-old infant in the vehicle when it crashed. Fortunately, the child, who belonged to Laroque, wasn’t injured in the accident.

In addition to Tonkin and Laroque, there was also a 3-month-old infant in the backseat of the vehicle when it crashed into the tree.


Tonkin, whose wrist had broken in the crash, was consequently taken into custody on suspicion of “felony driving under the influence, vehicular assault, and child endangerment.” Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Tonkin has been in trouble with law enforcement officials. Prior to this arrest, he was charged and convicted of three other DUIs.

Laroque, however, wasn’t placed in handcuffs. Instead, she was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for a broken pelvis. As of now, it’s currently unclear whether or not she will also end up facing any charges.

23-year-old Daisy Laroque was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken pelvis that she injured when the driver of a moving vehicle crashed into a tree while the two engaged in sexual intercourse behind the wheel.

Sadly, officers have to deal with unusual traffic stops on a regular basis. For example, earlier this month, Charlaya Moore, a 23-year-old woman from Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested and charged with “possession of a destructive device, aggravated assault on police and resisting police with violence” after she pulled out an “explosive device” during a traffic stop and tried to light it. Fortunately, one of the officers who stopped her over was able to snatch it away and safely arrest her.


Concerned, the arresting officers then called for a bomb squad team to search the rest of the car. After searching the rest of the car, they found several other explosive devices and what appeared to be multiple disguises. Disturbingly, when asked where she was going with the explosives, she confessed that she was on her way to “her boss’ house.”


And several weeks before that, a man was arrested in Oklahoma for speeding and driving with a revoked license. Bizarrely, at the time of his arrest, he had nothing but a thong on and was covered in Vaseline.

Specifically, Deputy Darryl Beebe of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office pulled over 54-year-old John Wayne Kellerman for driving 57 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. After what Beebe described as a “delayed response,” Kellerman finally pulled over.

Upon approaching the car, Beebe saw that Kellerman was almost completely naked, except for a thong bikini, with vaseline all over his body. According to the police report later filed by Beebe, an empty jar of Vaseline and a pornographic magazine was sitting next to Kellerman at the time. When asked what on earth was going on, Kellerman confessed that he had been masturbating.

Although he didn’t have any outstanding warrants, Beebe discovered that his license wasn’t valid. In fact, it apparently hasn’t been valid since April 1985. As a consequence, Kellerman was subsequently arrested and charged with “driving with an expired license” and “speeding.” Kellerman’s bail was set at $1,000, which has since been posted. His next court appearance will be on November 14th.

Clearly, law enforcement officials have to deal with all kinds of unusual situations during traffic stops. Hopefully, others can learn from these incidents and avoid making similar mistakes in the future.