Police Vow To Ignore Warrants

PUBLISHED: 12:20 AM 14 Feb 2018

Police Follow ICE Warrant And Make Arrest, Vow Never Again

The police are saying this warrant was administrative.

What good are police who leave illegals roaming the streets?

The Tukwila Police Department in Washington would like to apologize for obeying the law.

As strange as that sounds, it is true. The Maven has shown us that this detestable department will “no longer collaborate” with ICE as they work to keep us safe (and prosperous) by deporting illegal aliens. After doing what the Constitution mandates and seeing that those who did not take the time to check in at the door are sent packing, they now are sorry to have done it.

The Seattle Times reports that “Wilson Rodriguez Macarreno, 32, entered the United States illegally from Honduras” back around 2004, according to his attorney, Luis Cortez. The illegal alien saw people breaking into a home and called the police. When cops arrived, they found no cause to arrest “the trespasser,” though we are not told why. They are choosing to not be responsive to what the people need the most.

As is common practice, Macarreno’s name was “run through the federal National Crime Information Center database” and it was revealed that there was a warrant for his arrest, according to Tukwila Police Department  Officer Victor Masters.

The individual proactively acknowledged that he had a warrant and was allowed by officers to contact his lawyer and call a friend,” read the department’s pathetic and needless apology on Facebook.

Officers confirmed with the issuing agency that the warrant was valid and transferred the individual with the warrant over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement who ultimately placed him in custody for the warrant,” they also say.

It is said that the illegal was trying to flee from gang violence in his native country, but that in no way explains why he did not apply legally to be here. It does not matter what he was trying to get away from, he did not apply for asylum, nor apply to be here on other terms!

The department should have said that this was standard practice and something that needs to happen every day. Rather than apologize, they should have hired pilots to write the details of the arrest in the sky beside ICE’s phone number.

If they had, they would have had the respect of the citizens and the fear of the illegals.

Now, as it stands, they have neither.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Maven – The Seattle Times