Bizarre Drug Defense

PUBLISHED: 3:54 PM 9 Apr 2018

Police Find Drugs In Woman’s Purse, She Admits To Marijuana Then Blames Wind

She said the windy day must have blown the cocaine into her bag.

She said that it just fell into her purse after riding on the wind.

In the songMary Jane,” composer Dave Mustaine makes a reference to marijuana that says, “her voice, rides on the wind…” While that was a figurative statement, what Kennecia Posey, 26, claims rode on the wind has caused her to get more than a few disbelieving looks, as WBTV 3 has confirmed.

When arrested during a traffic stop in Fort Pierce, Florida, Posey said that, while the pot found in her purse was hers, the cocaine was something that “must have flown through the window.” The driver was one of two occupants in the vehicle that police say was “swerving” on the road on March, 21, according to WPLA News. Still, the claim is that it was all caused by nothing more than a “windy day.

As police approached the offending car, the smell of marijuana was, in fact, riding on the wind.

Posey had her purse on her lap and when officers looked in, they found a bag of marijuana and a separate bag of cocaine. “I don’t know anything about any cocaine. It’s a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse,” the police report quoted her as stating.

It remains to be seen if the judge will understand the airborne tendencies the cocoa plant or not. As it stands, the driver is out on bond but had been “booked on one felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor count of marijuana possession.”

Certainly, the “War on Drugs” is argued about by many. Slowly, America is waking up to that fact that there may be other ways to deal with drug use than a prison sentence.

That being true, no one wants someone on the road who is a danger to anyone else.

When officers are arresting a person, the worst thing that the culprit can do (short of violence) is to give those making the arrest a story that makes them seem foolish. Certainly, Posey would have been wise to refuse to say where the drugs came from (either drug) and simply request, “I wish to speak to my attorney before answering any questions, sir/ma’am.”

This would have been a statement that the judge could have read on Posey’s court day and simply forgotten about by lunch.

However, the “cocaine blew in and landed in my purse” story is likely to come off as desperate, dishonest, or even mocking.

These are three qualities that won’t do much to endear the court to her favor nor cause the judge to trust her very much. It also may make the court wonder just how high the user was to ever craft such a yarn.