PUBLISHED: 5:17 PM 16 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 6:44 PM 16 Nov 2017

Police Confirm The Worst As United Nations Diplomat “Trust Game” Goes Horribly Wrong

Authorities do not suspect foul play as a game of "trust" led to one man's death at this building.

Authorities do not suspect foul play as a game of “trust” led to one man’s death at this building.

The game of “trust.” Everyone has played it. A person falls backward, often from a table, and his friends catch him. In some YouTube videos, people close their eyes and fall the wrong way….that is always quite funny. It may come as a shock to some, but really, adults are not different than children and such silly behavior is often fun that carries into one’s whole life.

Sadly, this game actually led to a U.N. diplomats death, according to the New York Post. Julian Simpson, 30, was an Australian diplomat who was doing nothing more than having a few harmless drinks with friends and his wife when he “fell from the seventh floor to a second-floor landing at the Clinton Street building where he lived on the Lower East Side.” This happened around 1:35 in the morning.

I will prove it that you can trust me. Let’s play the trust game” Simpson said to a twenty-four-year-old friend before engaging in this high-risk version of the game. Only moments later, he slipped and fell to his death, according to reports.

Clearly, a playful man, Simpson (pictured right) lost his life after a night of partying as he engaged in the “trust game” seven stories up.

The building that everyone was in had a wrap around deck and the gathering had gone onto it to savor the view of the Empire State Building. Australia has followed the U.S. in the foolishness of allowing same-sex couples to marry (which breaks the church’s right to decline it) and was lit up in “honor” of the event.

The fallen diplomat who served “as the second secretary to the UN for Australia” moved up to a higher roof and was “swinging a female friend around” high above the busy city. They were just a happy, silly group of friends and none of them could have dreamed about what was to happen to one of them.

After Simpson placed the girl safely back on the ground, everyone went inside. However, the twenty-four-year-old man was the husband of the lady who was swung around and “confronted” the diplomat regarding the deed. The two walked back onto the balcony and Simpson said that “he meant no harm.

The gathering went outside on the balcony to see the Empire State Building (pictured) lit up in honor of Australia allowing same-sex marriages.

In a (likely drunken) effort to convince the husband that he could still be trusted, Simpson suggested the “trust game.” It seems that even at this level of success, not much changes in regards to human nature and outright silliness.

Simpson suggested that he lean over the edge and that the other man catch him. The Austrailian then hopped up on the railing and sat facing the balcony but lost his balance on accident. The husband did his very best to catch his friend, but it happened too quickly and he plummeted to his death.

Simpson was taken with haste to the Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital but was pronounced dead. Authorities do not suspect foul play and the Post writes that “those who police interviewed admitted to drinking alcohol that night.” The odor of spirits was strong on everyone interviewed, as a matter of fact.

Officials at the United Nations and those connected have all declined to comment on the matter.

At the end of the day, this was just a few friends who were a bit more intoxicated than one of them knew and his balance was not as steady as he had hoped. It is sad that a life is lost over something like that, but regrettably, that is what took place.

That is a lesson for us all to learn, regardless of our age or status, it appears.

Source: The New York Post