PA Booms Explode

PUBLISHED: 5:31 PM 30 May 2018
UPDATED: 5:32 PM 30 May 2018

Police Confirm: Loud Booms Result Of 20 ‘Explosions, No Answers

They “need help to unravel the mystery.”

When the feds got involved, the people of P.A. expected swift answers, but that has not been the case.

Only last week, the mysterious booms spoken of by Paul Joseph Watson and others was back in the news. The phenomenon that has happened again and again, though disturbing, has not harmed anyone or anything, so a large number of people likely thought the people who reported it were lying, mistaken, or otherwise unstable. As CBS Philly 3 in Pennsylvania has revealed, however, now a “joint-investigation into the mysterious booms rattling the communities of Bucks and Lehigh Counties” is underway and over 20 explosions have been heard by federal investigators and others.

The CBS article is actually a bit misleading, for it claims that authorities have the answer when, in fact, they do not. They cause remains unsolved. While it is true that “more than 20 explosions during the early-morning hours are the reason for the booms happening in the area since April 2,” police have no idea what is causing the explosions. Basically, they are saying that the booms caused the booms.

Police still are ignorant of the “source and culprit behind the explosions,” even though systems exist today to detect noises as small as a gunshot.

For most of the last decade and prior, something unknown has been producing some of the most fearsome noises. No word has been given as to whether earthquake testing devices have been used. If so, what did the data reveal?

The sounds are often rumbling, cavernous noises that have led some people to think of the Earth itself being dug into, but there are no signs of that.

There are no signs of much of anything. No one is ever near the source, yet somehow, the source seems to be all around the disturbed areas.

In this case, the Upper Bucks area has been targetted and the police are begging people to remain calm and to report anything strange to “Trooper Jordan Houck at 215-249-9191.” Yet, when he was contacted for this story, that number was answered by a dispatcher who offered another number.

When that number was called to ask questions, calls were sent to Dublin State Police who also had no answers when asked if anyone was near what is thought to be the epicenter. How can no one in authority have any idea what is happening? That seems too hard to believe.

They have no insight into what the source can even be since there is nothing in the area (known of) that is capable of producing the noises.

Therefore, while residents are being implored to stay calm, something very uncalming is taking place and even the federal government has no idea what is causing it. If so, they are doing a wondrous job of keeping a lid on it.

For those sleep deprived or otherwise made uneasy by the booming, though, the answers can not come swiftly enough.