Inmate Breaking Back In

PUBLISHED: 1:25 AM 27 Jan 2018

Police Captured An Inmate After He Was Breaking Back Into Jail With Food And Beer

A Farmer Tipped Them Off That Inmates Were Escaping Each Night

This wasn't exactly the brightest criminal.

A federal prison in Beaumont, Texas had an interesting case on their hands. It seems that local inmates were breaking out of the prison to grab contraband and then breaking back into their cells. These were not prisoners hoping to avoid their time. Instead, they have come up with an idea to make their time a little more manageable.

Authorities were tipped off that suspects were able to leave the prison grounds to pick up items that should not be on the prison property. Things like drugs, beer, tobacco, cell phones, and weapons fall into the category of contraband.

The federal prison in Beaumont borders a large ranch. Officials at the prison were told that someone from the prison had figured out a way to slip in and out without being noticed.

One might assume that a federal prison is under close surveillance 24 hours a day, but this was not the case. They soon found out that more than one prisoner had figured out a way to use a lack of security to their advantage.

After a tip alerted both the local officers with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office and US Marshalls to the issue, an undercover sting was set up. The escape route being used to get out of the prison was not blocked, but it was armed with security cameras.

Guards within the prison watched on monitors as a prisoner quietly slipped away from the prison. Not only were the guards curious to see how it was done, but they also wondered what was worth making that risky trip.

The plan was pretty simple as far as an escape goes. The prisoner quietly left through a gap in security to venture out onto the ranch land behind the prison.

There were no alarms triggered by the movement to leave the federal property. There was also no red flag raised by the truck that dropped off a duffle bag close to the fences of the property.

Prisoner Joshua Hansen was seen running from the prison to pick up a bag nearby. A truck was seen in the area earlier and left something behind.

Neither the truck or Hansen had permission to be on the private property next to the prison. It does not appear that the owner of the ranch was involved in the illegal activity.

The truck seen dropping off the duffle back was not tied to the ranch.

Hansen not only ran from the prison, but he quickly ran back to it. This is perhaps one reason why the short escapes went unnoticed. The prisoner was not gone long enough to get noticed.

During the short time, Hansen was off the prison grounds; he picked up a large duffle bag. There was no effort made to hide the fact that he had a bag at all.

The contents of the bag had officials baffled. They were anxious to see what types of things were being brought into the prison.

Contraband coming into a prison can be dangerous for both prisoners and guards. Things like weapons can have deadly consequences. Stopping illegal items from entering into their system can be the difference between life and death.

In this case, the items inside the bag seemed more appropriate for a backyard party or special event. The bag was stocked with a variety of things one might find at home.

When Hansen was nabbed by officers coming back into the prison, the contents of the bag were revealed. The smell of freshly cooked fried chicken filled the air.

The duffle bag looked more like a shopping bag than anything else. It held three bottles of Brandy and a bottle of Whiskey. There were also numerous bags of chewing tobacco and pre-packaged snack foods.

The most surprising contents of the bag were responsible for the smell in the air. There were catering sized trays of freshly prepared soul food.

The trays were overflowing with fried chicken, hot links and anything else you might find at a barbeque.

It appears in this case that a good dose of home cooking was risk breaking back into prison. Hansen was arrested as he returned to the prison grounds.

He was already in prison on narcotics charges. His misadventure in breaking out of prison and then back in will add to his charges. He is now going to also face charges of escape and drug possession.