PUBLISHED: 8:17 PM 13 Jul 2017

Police Begin Raiding Businesses As Rejected Migrants Go On Killing Spree


Sweden has become a terrifying place to live. Officers have begun conducting workplace immigration raids. Hundreds of illegals have been captured this way, although few have been successfully deported.

The Swedes are finally abandoning their liberal fantasy. Uncontrolled immigration, it turns out, is an ugly process that destroys families and ruins neighborhoods. In response to yet another Muslim migrant going on a killing rampage, the Swedish police force is now conducting weekly workplace raids, as officers begin deporting illegals at a higher rate than ever before.

Sweden used to pride itself on its willingness to take refugees, but the dire situation that’s been engendered by the current crisis is frightening to many locals. Brutal crimes have become common occurrences in towns and cities that were previously peaceful.

The government is not doing a good job integrating migrants. Every man, woman, and child that flocks to Sweden needs millions of dollars worth of resources. He or she needs schooling, job assistance and welfare money.


Women suffer the most from migrant violence. Swedish women report being afraid to walk around at night without being in a group.

“We have an unlimited amount of work,” Jerk Wiberg, head of the Stockholm police unit in charge of domestic border controls told reporters.

It’s true; Sweden is absolutely infested with migrants. Their scheme has backfired. Instead of the pleasant community that was promised, migrants and locals fight continuously. Most of the migrants are young Muslim men with little education and too much time on their hands. If those men could be trained for a career they might be successful in life, but the Swedes aren’t devoting nearly enough money

Reuters reports: “The Migration Agency estimated 10,000 asylum-seekers a year will choose to disappear rather than be deported. Up to 50,000 undocumented immigrants already work in hotels, transport, construction and restaurants, the agency said last year.”

There’s almost no chance that the agency is telling the truth. The Swedish government has repeatedly attempted to downplay the violence committed by migrants and refugees. If it doesn’t fit their pro-immigration agenda they don’t talk about it.


Many of the Muslim migrants currently residing in Sweden refuse to assimilate.

Sweden’s bounties exist because its citizens work hard and are heavily taxed. The government doesn’t have the funds to keep letting migrants sponge off taxpayers without taking away benefits from citizens.

Journalist Fraser Nelson wrote for the Telegraph:

On the day I arrived in Sweden, a 23-year-old was murdered in the city square there, shot in the head in front of several witnesses. It was the third such murder in six weeks…

The immigrants do want to work, but find themselves stuck outside a heavily-regulated jobs market that could have been designed by a populist demagogue to keep them out. For unskilled work in restaurants, for example, the trade unions’ unofficial (but strictly enforced) minimum wage is about £10 an hour.”

Some of the migrants nabbed by law enforcement were subsequently freed because the detention centers were full and officials had nowhere else to house them. Other rejected asylum-seekers remain in Sweden because they refuse to admit to their country of origin, or said country refuses to take them back.

Unskilled migrants with no education struggle to find jobs regardless of their legal system. Most of the fresh arrivals from the Middle East and North Africa are ill-equipped to take care of themselves. Swedish police officers are conducting raids in places like warehouses and restaurants, places where someone who didn’t speak Swedish might be able to find, easy paying work.

“Last time the police made a push to find immigrants, my friend stayed inside for 15 to 20 days,” a 20-year-old illegal immigrant named Muhammad told Reuters. “But I can’t stay inside all the time, it’s too depressing.”


Swedish police officers lack the resources to properly handle the crisis.

Muhammad admits that he moves every three months in order to outwit the police. He survives on food stamps, church donations, and restaurant handouts. It’s hardscrabble life, but he doesn’t seem to mind it too much.

He has learned to avoid the city center when there is an increase in policing and gets help from other immigrants and volunteers who work for asylum-seekers’ rights. They warn each other of police checks and raids through text messages,” Reuters writes.