Police Attacked Liberal Rally

PUBLISHED: 6:05 PM 28 Feb 2018

Police Attacked At High School Anti-Gun Rally

Students attacked police and destroyed property at an anti-gun rally.

Students at an anti-gun rally attack police.

At least five abhorrent liberals were arrested after they attacked police officers and damaged their patrol vehicles during an anti-gun rally.

Hundreds of students in California from Chavez, Lincoln, Stagg, Edison, and Village Oak high schools staged a “peaceful” gun protest Friday that quickly turned violent.

The rally not only resulted in police officers being assaulted, many of the students blocked off streets, prevented cars from driving through, and destroyed other vehicles in the area.

Five students were arrested during the protest and charged with battery against a police officer, resisting arrest, and taking an officer’s baton.

The five students were also charged with vandalizing vehicles, which also included at least two Stockton police patrol vehicles.

During one incident, a group of students was attempting to leave school by jumping the fence.

When an officer confronted them to get down and back inside the school, the mob attacked him, took his baton, and ran off to join the other protesters in the streets.

Several other students associated with the anti-gun mob were also reportedly throwing rocks and other heavy items that destroyed local businesses and citizens vehicles.

Rather than have any peaceful dialogue about an issue, liberals immediately stage events that result in innocent civilians being attacked or put in a dangerous situation.

Democrats and far-left groups have exploited the mass shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida to advance their calls for gun control.

By weaponizing students across the country, liberals are now orchestrating mob-like rallies and using the students to advance their goal of eroding the Second Amendment.

We have seen time and time again, these liberal rallies often turn violent and result in local communities being vandalized and destroyed.

As if destroying a local community wasn’t bad enough, now students are attacking police officers to please their liberal leaders.

Source: The Gateway Pundit