Mysterious Messages From Bomber

PUBLISHED: 3:39 PM 21 Mar 2018

Police Are Investigating Disturbing Messages From Austin Bomber

Authorities are investigating posts allegedly from the Austin bomber.

A Reddit user reportedly found online posts from the Austin bomber.

Austin, Texas bomber Mark Anthony Conditt reportedly made chilling comments on the social media platform Reddit prior to his fiery death, according to the Independent Journal Review.

The Austin Police Department reportedly found a social media account they believe belongs to Conditt, where he wrote that he wanted to “watch the world burn.”

“My intention is not to kill people. I am doing this simply because I want to watch the world burn,” an individual with the username “austinbomber” wrote Tuesday on Reddit.

The user wrote that they wanted to be “as prolific as the Zodiac Killer,” the serial killer who was never identified or apprehended despite killing a handful of people in the 1960s and 1970s.

An Austin Police Department spokesperson said they were aware of the chilling postings and that the department is “currently investigating” the issue.

The user who posted the messages to Reddit claimed the string of bombings were “not race-related, like the media has speculated.”

“I also enjoy laughing at the massive police presence that just simply cannot find or deanonymize me,” the user wrote.

The disturbing social media posts were found just one day before Conditt blew himself up inside his car as authorities were approaching his location.

Authorities said on Wednesday Conditt was responsible for the five bombings that killed two people and injured many others throughout the Austin area.

Police have confirmed Conditt is 24-years-old, but haven’t released any additional information.

It also has not been confirmed if Conditt posted the chilling messages to Reddit on Tuesday.

In their search of his internet search history, police reportedly found that Conditt was researching for other potential locations in Austin to carry out attacks.

Authorities said they believe he was planning to carry out additional bombings before he killed himself.

While officials have not identified the attacker’s motives, the disturbing postings online raise serious questions.

Many Americans are relieved knowing the sick psychopath killed himself and won’t be carrying out more attacks against innocent civilians.