Police Give DNC Evidence

PUBLISHED: 4:29 PM 25 May 2018
UPDATED: 4:30 PM 25 May 2018

Police ‘Accidentally’ Gave Evidence To House Hacking Suspect’s Defense Attorney

Police say they accidentally gave evidence to Imran Awan, the terrorist-sympathizer who controlled the DNC servers in the House.

Police accidentally gave evidence against Awan to his legal team.

The Capitol Police “accidentally” gave Imran Awan‘s defense team a trove of evidence against him regarding the case of theft and cyber breaching. An investigative piece from The Daily Caller reveals police gave the evidence to Awan when it was supposed to go to prosecutors.

The mainstream media outright refuses to cover this story, which involves a small family of Muslims who controlled the servers for House Democrats on Capitol Hill. Awan and his family, who have known ties to terrorists, accessed the congressional servers belonging to one in five democrats, thousands of times. But, still no arrests in the hacking scheme.

During their court hearing earlier this week, which has already been delayed numerous times, police were forced to admit that they accidentally gave a trove of evidence against Awan to his legal defense team instead of the prosecution.

Police took a trip to Chris Gowen‘s office, the attorney representing Awan, with a stack of papers and evidence on the case. Roughly 30 minutes later, the police came back and said they thought Gowen worked for the prosecution. Police also said they walked in on Gowen making copies of the files.

They literally gave a criminal all of the evidence they had against him, revealing what they have and plan to use in the trial hearing.

As bad as that is, the entire situation is far more chilling when we understand Awan’s connection to terrorist groups and how he had access to so much power over democrat lawmakers.

As previously reported by Conservative Daily Post, Awan was exposed more than a year ago for his alleged illegal activity on Congressional data networks. He has been accused of bank fraud and money laundering connected to terror groups in Pakistan.

Awan was a senior IT aide for former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz until he was found guilty last year of wiring money to terrorists.

Earlier this year, CDP reported that Awan was arrested and charged with bank fraud after trying to flee the country back to the Middle East.

Awan and his wife, Hina Alv, were wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars — which they received from their cushy jobs helping democrats with their servers — to terrorists.

He began working for Wasserman Schultz in 2005. His wife, two brothers, and his brother’s wife also worked for several House Democrats for many years. The Awan family was paid more than $4 million since 2010.

With all of that considered, which should deeply concern everyone, now police just gave Awan’s lawyers a trove of evidence that they have against him, giving his legal team time to prepare for a massive case of corruption and fraud regarding top democrats.