Russia Accused

PUBLISHED: 6:15 PM 2 Apr 2018

Poisoning Investigation Finds Evidence President May Have Sanctioned Operation

There was poison on the doorknob which experts say indicates a professional job.

Putin (pictured) is very good at covering his tracks since he was once a successful KGB agent.

In Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, “Blackmail,” a lady is heard talking about a murder in London and she declares, “….a brick in the head is one thing, there is something British about that, but a knife….never.” It seems that if she has been talking about poisons in 2018, she would say that there is something “Russian” about that type of killing since it seems to be their calling card in these recent times. British officials are the ones doing the talking, however, even in real life, as the New York Times shows today.

Sergei Skripal was a Russian double-agent, a classification that made him a target. Those investigating “believe it is likely that an assassin smeared a nerve agent on the door handle at his home.” This is a barbarously thoughtless act since such toxins could, in theory, have harmed anyone from the mailman to a door to door salesman, too. 

As those who follow the Russian poisoning scandals know, however, this is of little concern. This whole area in London, England is so toxic now that only those trained in dealing with the most deadly of chemicals can even go near the dwelling to clear it up!

Instead, the plot was said to have been so “risky” that no one short of the Kremlin would have ordered such a chance to be taken. That means, as many have opined, that this whole affair may yet be something that came right from the desk of the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin’s desk.

It is thought now that “an assassinhired by the Russian government was used and that this killer “walked up to the door of Mr. Skripal’s brick home on a quiet street in Salisbury on March 4, the day that he and his daughter, Yulia, were sickened.” Such bold and brash behavior fits what has been seen by Russia in recent times, so no one is scoffing at this idea whatsoever.

Putin, a former KGB agent, is more than able to hide his communications, so a direct connection may be hard to ever fully prove, though all signs point to this being the case.

In 2010, a spy swap took place with the USA, and it was in that deal that Skripal was set free. After the poisoning, the former spy is still unconscious and unable to speak, though Yulia is recovering.

The terrifying part is that Russia was fully aware that this toxin would get back to them, according to those with experience. This particular poison should not have been employed since it is easy to trace. Russia, then, is trying to “send a message” to anyone who may want to defect or starting “informing” to the USA/West.

It may sound as if the technique was simple, but it was not. It’s a huge implication if it was the door handle because it means someone had to be in the U.K. with the material. Anything you create that would stick to the door handle, you’ve got to make it so that it would be removed from the door handle when it was handled, and not dropped off too quickly. That’s complicated chemistry,” said “Richard Guthrie, an independent chemical weapons expert, and editor of CBW Events.”

Recalling how the killer would have had to have really thought that the chemical would work in order to take the risk, the expert also said, “you don’t want to stand in front of the front door.” As unbelievable as it sounds, that seems to be exactly what took place, too.

There are some pundits who have said that Putin would never have chosen to do this with elections in his country so close to his murder date, but that is hardly an argument that eliminates the evidence already obtained

Therefore, no matter what the Russian leader may claim, his hands are likely stained with blood and no one knows who else may be next.