Poisoned Russian Linked

PUBLISHED: 6:10 PM 8 Mar 2018

Poisoned Russian Has Links To Trump Dossier Author

Officials are not sure if the man will survive the poisoning.

Everyone connected to the dossier against President Donald Trump (pictured) is questionable at best.

In Russia, particularly if one is opposed to Russian leader Vladimir Putin and has any popularity, a bad case of radioactivity poisoning often follows such rise in recognition. A great number of people have been poisoned in similar ways and each time, instead of getting the mounds of coverage that the instance deserves, few outlets even mention it. The Telegraph has taken the time to inform everyone that it has happened again, according to “a security consultant” who was employed by “the company that compiled the controversial dossier on Donald Trump.

This consultant (who is not identified for obvious reasons) “was close to the Russian double agent poisoned last weekend.” He lived near Col Skripal and knew him for a very long time.

Sergei Skripal,66, is now in intensive care in England and is said to be “fighting for his life” after an assassination attempt was made on him last Sunday. A Russian news outlet has stated that he “was recruited by MI6 when he worked for the British embassy in Estonia.

It has also been learned that Skripal’s daughter, Yulia Skripal, 33, “is in critical but stable condition,” too. As it stands, his daughter actually stands a better chance of recovering that he does, SMH reports.

The wounded man was “convicted of treason and imprisoned in 2006 in Russia,” so it seems that this goes beyond even Putin’s front door, though it can be assumed that he fully was aware of all developments. Skripal was found to have passed “intelligence to MI6,” the actions of a double agent.

Skripal even relocated “to Salisbury and became close to a security consultant employed by Christopher Steele,” the ex-British spy who helped in the collating of the fraud-filled dossier used against President Donald Trump by the left in America. It was Steele who founded “Orbis Business Intelligence.”

To put this into its proper light, the New Yorker writes that Mr. Steele “worked for MI6 at the British Embassy in Moscow in the 1990s, and from 2006 to 2009 ran MI6’s Russia desk in London.” This is vital to remember since, in 2016, it was Orbis that was subcontracted “to investigate Donald Trump’s links to Russia.”

In other words, virtually no one involved in any of this is someone who can be trusted to utter the unvarnished (or unpaid for) truth against anybody, much less a sitting president.

The dossier that was produced from the foul lot claimed that “the Russians had cultivated Mr. Trump and traded favors with him for at least five years.” It also suggested that Donald Trump was given intelligence from the Kremlin regarding Hillary Clinton. This all ties together as Skripal is thought to have also been one of the people who helped craft the dossier.

Channel 4 News stated that the double agent was “working in cyber-security and every month going to the [Russian] embassy to meet military intelligence officers,” as well.

The hit was likely to have come far sooner on Skripal but a snowstorm kept he and his family indoors and away from those who were trying and assassinate them. “By Sunday afternoon, with Miss Skripal on the brink of returning to Moscow, the assassination squad had little room for maneuver and were forced into action in broad daylight in the middle of a busy shopping precinct,” wrote the Telegraph.

The Sydney Morning-Herald reported that police in England have found that “Skripal and his daughter were deliberately targeted by an unknown assailant armed with a deadly toxin.

It does seem that the playbook has been altered in that it may not have been a radioactive agent that was used for the poisoning. Authorities at first suspected VX nerve gas or serin, which is just as deadly, but even that has been ruled out. Instead, reports are that the poison was something “more rare.

Having established that they were exposed to a nerve agent we are now treating this as a major incident involving an attempted murder by the administration of a nerve agent,” said the head of Counter Terrorism Policing Mark Rowley.

The poisoning was so lethal that a “policeman was also hospitalized and was in a serious condition after exposure to the agent.” Only on Thursday was he “talking and engaging” the medical staff.

No one is sure what was used.

So, the Russians have gotten so cruel that toxins are spread around like room fresheners while even innocents are taken down. The elite clearly cares nothing for the common man or woman as these high-ranking targets are sought.

With the victory of President Trump, many Americans had hoped for a new Ronald Reagan kind of peace deal between the U.S. and Mr. Putin. However, with everyone more afraid to drink the hemlock tea than Socrates, that may be very hard to accomplish.