Podesta Threatens Jared Kushner

PUBLISHED: 5:25 PM 28 Feb 2018

Podesta Threatens Kushner, Tells Him To Wear Kevlar

Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign manager told Kushner he should wear a bullet-proof vest while in public.

Podesta threatens Trump's son-in-law.

John Podesta warned senior Trump administration adviser Jared Kushner that he “better start wearing his Kevlar on his back.”

The former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign suggested Kushner needed to wear a bullet-proof vest when he appears in public.

“Jared better start wearing his Kevlar on his back,” Podesta tweeted Tuesday night about Trump’s son-in-law.

Podesta linked to a Washington Post article suggesting that foreign nations saw Kushner as being a vulnerable target that they could get secret information from.

Sources reportedly told the Post that foreign countries attempted to use Kushner to manipulate policy at the White House and within the Trump administration.

Aside from the latest political hit piece from the liberal media, many agree that Podesta’s tweet comes across as dangerous and threatening.

His disturbing comments appear to suggest he believes Kushner will be killed if he is responsible for the leaks from the White House.

Not only is it a felony to threaten a government official, but Clinton’s right-hand man is subtly threatening the president’s son-in-law based on a report from the Post.

Podesta has a been a top Democrat operative for decades, where he worked for both former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

He would have likely served in Hillary Clinton’s White House had she not been embarrassed in the 2016 presidential election by Donald Trump.

More importantly, imagine the liberal outrage if Donald Trump, Jr. told a Clinton aide to “wear a Kevlar on their back” when they appear in public.

While some liberals argue Podesta’s comments weren’t a threat, but rather a “poor choice of words” to describe that Kushner might figuratively get stabbed in the back if he is betraying our nation.

But given the current climate of violence against Trump supporters and conservatives, we must take statements like Podestas literally to ensure no one is harmed.

He should not be allowed to make such dangerous comments without reprisal.

Source: The Gateway Pundit